Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jaime Foxx Talks Body Image

Out of pure boredom, I started flipping through the channels last night. I stopped on this clip of Jamie Foxx. I have no clue what his new movie is about, but I do give a hoot about body image. And he happened to be talking about it. More specifically, the difference between American and Brazilian women. Take a look:

"When women starve themselves to be thin, it's completely opposite here," he says. "It's great to see women taking control of their bodies."

I love that. I love his message. Ladies, if you haven't already, it is time to take control of your body—in a completely healthy way, though. Forget about being "skinny." Forget about those supermodels you see strutting down the runways or plastered on the pages of fashion magazines. I'm not saying they're unhealthy because many of them are probably very healthy, but they aren't you. So stop comparing yourself to them! Instead, focus on your body. And I mean really focus on it. Look in the mirror and look at yourself for who you are and love every, single ounce of that person unconditionally. And then, turn from the mirror and give yourself—that person you just looked at—exactly what it needs to be (and to feel) healthy. You might be a size two, you might be a twelve. You might be a 22. It doesn't matter. Just own it. Rock it. Love it. Because if you hate or mistreat it, well...nothing good will come of it. Ever. And no one will see the real you, your true body image. That of a strong, healthy, kick-ass woman. (Or man. Guys...this goes for you, too.)

How to love yourself? So glad you asked.

1) Give yourself the gift of physical fitness. You're worth it. Join a gym, hire a trainer, take a class. Grab a friend and make them go with you. Do whatever it takes to get yourself up and moving. Not only will you see results, you'll feel them, too. And then, look in the mirror and realize that those curves of yours, they're smokin' hot muscles. Sorry...smokin' hot STRONG muscles.)

2) Indulge in healthy foods. Seriously, it's fun to find a prepare healthy food. It's like a scavenger hunt with only the tastiest of results. Because healthy food, contrary to popular belief, is delicious food. But it almost never leaves you feeling gross. How could it? It fuels your body, which then fuels your life. Yes, it can be expensive. are absolutely worth it! (And it can't be quite as expensive as those ri-di-cu-lous medical bills we're slapped with after being sick for this reason or that.)

3) Banish negativity. Sure, I call myself an idiot whenever I can't find something that happens to be in front of my eyes, but whenever I catch myself thinking fat thoughts in front of a mirror...I literally bitch slap myself back into reality. (Pardon the language.) It's not very nice of me to criticize myself. I am, after all, a person with feelings. So for every negative thought you find yourself thinking about yourself, make yourself counter it with two positives. If you have to be nice to your friends, you should be nice to yourself. Look in that mirror and say, "ooooohdang, you are se-xy!" Do it. It's fun.

4) From QuotableCards. (Their 'fridge magnets rock.)

Need I say more? Well, OK. Body image is all about confidence. If you raise that head up high, you'll feel it in your walk. You'll feel it in your talk, and others will notice it, too. (Just don't be a snob, they'll notice that for the wrong reasons.) Believe in yourself. Believe in your strength and your beauty, and you'll infect others with your positive spirit. And that's never a bad thing. It's so great to find inspiration in others.

So, since we're nearing the end of today's post, I urge you to start embracing the above. Grab your beautiful bod and start with numero uno on my list. Physical fitness. Whether you hit the gym, pop in an exercise DVD, or just take a walk around your 'hood. Do it with confidence, and do it full-out. Give yourself that gift. Love that gift. Embrace that gift.

Me, I'll be walking around Chicago today. I've got a race packet to pick up.

Oh, and—tune in tomorrow! As promised, I will reveal the lucky recipients of these two lovely Terry Walters cookbooks I've got sitting on my desk. Can't wait!

Question: How do you overcome bad body image?

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Rachel said...

It's so bizarre for me - I've had two babies and two years and am back at the weight where I was when I got married (145 at 5'9") - so I'm thin. But somehow I always find myself more obsessed with my body when I'm thinner than when I'm a few lbs heavier. It's a hard battle - I worry for my daughter :(

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