Friday, April 1, 2011

Airplane Exercises

IT'S FRIDAY! And for many of you, that means Spring Break is on. The hubs and I will be jumping on a jet plane to—APRIL FOOL'S! We aren't going anywhere. Home is where it's at, and we'll be thinking back to Cozumel the entire time. Ugh, what I'd give to feel that warm again. It's supposed to hit 50 this weekend, and for that I am saying my prayers. But I know that many of you are truly going somewhere and if you're flying, I urge you to consider the safety measures that your lovely flight attendants present before you hit the air. I know, I know...I'm guilty of tuning them out, too. This girl right here is usually nose-deep in a book by then, but I guarantee this would get my attention:

Then again, anything would get my attention if I was flying Air New Zealand. Hello, dream trip! I saw this laughable video on Chichi Kix's blog and I just knew it needed to be reposted right here. Can't. Get. Over. Richard. Simmons. What a funny little man.

Question: Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?

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