Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your very own Circuit Sculpt class.

My 6:00AM Circuit Sculpters have been showing up like rock stars lately! I couldn't be happier. When I first started teaching the class, which I now teach every Monday and Friday morning, I would only get about four people. And now, when I look at myself in the mirror as I teach, I see about ten sweaty faces smiling back at me. (I use the term "smiling" quite loosely. They love to hate me.) There are a few people who come on a regular basis, others I see filtering in an out from week to week. Still, they filter quite regularly.

But if everyone came, if they all came together at the same time, I'd probably have a good 15 people in my class. How great is that? How great is it that people are waking up at the crack of...well, before the crack of dawn for a good 'ol fashioned butt-kickin' at the gym? I kick butts lovingly, of course. And I'd be willing to kick yours, too. Come join us if you happen to be a member of my gym! If you aren't a member, or if you don't live anywhere near me to even consider being a member, then I give you this. Your very own Circuit Sculpt class. 

About an hour. 5 minutes to set up, a 5-minute warm-up, 40 minutes of circuit sculpting, followed by 10 minutes of stretching.

A good selection of dumbbells, a mat if your floor is hard, a BOSU (or step…anything sturdy you can stand on) and a clock (or watch). 

Your 5-minute warm-up should be filled with active stretching. Time yourself for one minute of jogging in place, followed closely by some arm circles in every direction. Swing your legs forward and back, then side to side…really, just get yourself moving in order to get your blood flowing to your muscles. This step can be skipped if you’ve already done some cardio work. When you’re ready, perform each circuit three times through before moving on to the next one. Do 12 repetitions of each exercise unless otherwise noted. 

To perform a BOSU tap, stand in front of your BOSU or step (if you don’t have a BOSU) and “march” in place as you tap the center of the BOSU or step with your feet. Do this for one minute the first time through, then just :30 the next two times you go through each circuit.

In CIRCUIT ONE, move from the plank right into the pushups. Try not to break your form. In CIRCUIT TWO, start your jump squats immediately upon the completion of your wide-leg squat hold. To increase the intensity of your triceps dips, you can place a weight in your lap or place your feet on your BOSU or step. In CIRCUIT THREE, alternate legs during your back lunges. Keep your arms extended by your ears during your straight-arm crunches, and have a seat on the floor for your kickouts. With fingertips pointing toward your glutes, extend your legs then crunch them back in to complete one repetition.

Remember, you can increase the intensity of any two-footed exercise by standing on the BOSU. This forces you to engage your core muscles, which ultimately helps strengthen them.

Don't forget to stretch when you're done.

Question: Are you an early riser when it comes to exercise, or do you prefer to exercise in the evenings? If you prefer the evenings, what class (if any) would get you out of bed

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Tammy said...

If I didn't have to be at work at 730 every morn I could be a early workout-er. If I had to pick a favorite time to work out it would be about 930 am or 2 pm. Neither of which are an option. But if it were an option: Power Pump or your circuit class would do it.

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