Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You expand your vocab, and I'll clean out my gym bag.

When I was in grade school (maybe even high school), I very distinctly remember studying for vocabulary quizzes. Every week, we'd be given a new series of words to learn. We'd have to use them in sentences, learn the different tenses if applicable. All that good stuff. At the time, I really hated it. But now I wish I would have paid more attention because honestly—I don't recall any of the fancy words I supposedly learned. I do, however, recall the moves to both my grade school and high school fight songs. I guess my pompoms meant more to me than my dictionary. I digress. (Digress? Maybe that was a vocab word.) Today, I'd like to expand your vocabulary. The one you use at the gym. Here's the word, well...words:

Are you familiar? The pyramid method is a style of strength training that's used quite frequently. In fact, you might already be training in this way if you change your repetitions and weight from set to set. Not only is it an easy method to incorporate, anyone can do it. For example, if you were doing bicep curls, your sets might look something like this: 12 repetitions with 10-pound weights, followed by 8 repetitions with 12-pound weights, then finally 6 repetitions with 15-pound weights. The gradual progression of weight with a decrease in repetitions gets your muscles to perform at their fullest potential, which translates to a tightly toned and strong muscle. You can also do this method in reverse, starting with a heavy weight and light repetitions. Learn these words: Reverse Pyramid Method. Shocking, I know. If you're prepping for a competition, or just want to build up some serious muscle mass, then this method might be right for you. So really, you just learned TWO new words. Actually four, but who's really counting.

I am, I'm counting—all the crap that's collecting in my gym bag. Seriously, it's ridiculous.

As a woman, I am more than willing to stand up right here (right now!) and tell you that I cart around way too many items in my purse (I use them all). As a certified personal trainer and fitness geek, I will do the same regarding my gym bag (but I can't claim to use them all). It's out of control in a major, major way. Here's what happened when I upended the thing:

Like I said, it's out of control. What is all that junk anyway? Contents include a clipboard, three file folders, workout journal, notebook, calendar, various writing utensils...well, nevermind. Blah, blah and blah. You get the picture. (Literally.) I will say this: at least my little bag of gym toiletries was fairly organized.

I zipped it right back up, and back into my gym bag it went. This stuff, however, did not make the cut:

And since you're all sitting on pins and needles just waiting to see the fruits of my endeavor:

I feel like a totally new person. So fresh and so clean, clean!

Question: If not the Pyramid Method, what method do you employ in your workouts? What did you find in your gym bag the last time you cleaned it out? Better yet, how long has it been since you've cleaned out your gym bag?

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