Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey, sole sister!

Are you excited about the fact that it's finally Saturday? Dear day, I thought you'd never come! It's been a week. I've been really tired. Exhausted, actually. But I'm not complaining. Just sayin'. And wondering: how has your weekend been thus far? Good, I hope. Just like mine. Friday started out with some excitement: Daily Dose was a Friday Feature on Healthy Living Blogs! Hooray! (If you're reading this because of that, welcome friend!) Friday ended with some excitement, too: The hubby and I drove into South Bend last night for a fantastic dinner at a place called LaSalle Grill. We don't normally eat at such a fancy pants place, so it was a treat indeed. I mean, I even wore heels. And tights.

When I trade in the gym shoes for heels, you know it means I'm about to have a good time. Truth be told, I have quite the collection of heels, and every heel seems to be collecting a lot of dust these days since I'm no longer getting fancy pantsified during the week. I miss my heels, but I'm fairly certain my feet don't. Ladies, back me up: fashion before function, right? Yeah. can take the girl out of the gym but you can never take the gym out of the girl. Case and point: I actually did some minor stretching before I put my heels on. You know, in the ankle area. I was still feeling a bit tight from my FiveFingers 5K, so I figured it wouldn't hurt—especially since heels tend to tighten calf muscles even further. Here's what I did:

1) Ankle rolls in, then out.
2) Dorsiflextion, plantarflextion, repeat. (Translation: Flex, point, repeat.)

And here's what I think I might start doing on a regular basis:

I found the above in More Magazine, toward the end of an article about (you guessed it) barefoot running. But really, you should do these whether or not you run barefoot or own FiveFingers. And regardless of whether or not you wear heels (guys). Never hurts to pay extra attention to a particular part of your body that gets used quite often. Obviously such is the case with the ankle area. Even if you don't work out. (Hey, why DON'T you work out? Let's talk already.)

Speaking of working out, tonight's big adventure is a five or six mile hike in showshoes. At night! Neither Jason nor myself have ever experienced a pair of showshoes, so we're both super excited to get going. It's chilly out there! We'll be bundled up for sure because we'll be hiking in the dunes which is obviously right on the lake. And winter lake winds are brutal in these parts. I might end up looking a little something like this:

Clearly I'll be taking pictures. Check back tomorrow.

Oh, and PS:

I finished my jar of Peanut Butter & Company's Crunch Time. Not cool. (Geeze, clutter much?)

Question: What's your experience with snowshoes? Any tips for this here newbie?


Mrs. Anderson said...

I love snowshoeing. It is a blast and a great work out. Great way to get a work out in and enjoy nature.

Unknown said...

Hey that coaster looks vaguely familiar. :)

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