Saturday, January 29, 2011

New toys at the gym!

I'm feeling very short and sweet. Well, what I meant to say is that I feel like writing a short (but sweet) post. Because really, it's Saturday and I've got things to do. Places to go! People to see! Starting with the running group I've been meeting out at the dunes. Yep, heading out again for yet another cold run.  Although I anticipate warmer temperatures this weekend. Did I tell you about my near-frostbite incident? I had the biggest white blotch on my hip after running for well over an hour in near zero temps. Not smart. But yes—I survived. And not only did I survive, I'm braving the elements again (still looking forward to it, too). Call me crazy. But that's enough about me. We've got new toys at the gym!

What you see above is a group of TRX suspension systems. I now wish to be officially certified in TRX training, but until then, I've just had about an hour's worth of instruction from another certified trainer at the club. And I can't wait to implement what I've learned! Take a look at this promo:

Looks fun, right? I assure you that it is. So if you happen to be a member at my gym, stop by the front desk and ask about our TRX Bootcamps. Space is limited, and you really don't want to miss out on such an exciting workout. Trust me. If you aren't a member at my gym, there has GOT to be a gym in your area with TRX suspension trainers. If not, put in your request!

We also just got one of these:

It's a Power Wheel Ab Trainer. I haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but since I love ab work, you know I will at some point.

So much for being short and sweet! Time to run. Literally.

Question: Ever try a TRX class? Ever use a Power Wheel? Love to hear your thoughts on either.

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Cheryl said...

Tara that looks very interesting, to say the least. Let me know when you get certified and I'll come to one of your classes!

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