Sunday, January 30, 2011

And the winners are...

Congrats, friends! I can't wait for you to experience PRO OATS in the flavor of your choice. (Let me know what you think!) If you didn't win, I thank you for participating—truly one of the biggest giveaways I've had so far! Keep reading, you know there will be more to come.

In the meantime, the gracious people behind PRO OATS gave me the go-ahead to offer Daily Dose readers an exceptional discount on all purchases. Fill your cart, then take $3.00 off your total! Just write "Daily Dose" in the "special instructions" section of the order form and PRO OATS will discount your total before completing the order. 

Sweet score, right?! I think so.

I also think I came this close to throwing my YakTrax down a dune during yesterday's run. Seriously...what was UP with them? They did not want to stay on my shoes at all. Especially during uphill jaunts. They'd flip up and over my toes, taking all of my traction with them and ultimately forcing me to stop and adjust. And that, I have no doubt, really slowed down the group at times. What a bust.

It truly affected my running game. I got all (pardon my language) pissed off inside my head, which ended up zapping my concentration. I spent a good part of the run focusing on my whack Yaks instead of focusing on the miles ahead of me and it showed in my performance. One of my fellow runners told me (in so many words) that it takes up too much energy to stress out. And I obviously was in need of all of the energy I could summon up.

And so here's your Daily Dose of Fit (pardon my language again): Shit happens, even when you are exercising. Deal with it, then move on. That which doesn't destroy you ultimately just challenges you in new and exciting ways. In the end, you'll be a stronger person for having endured. For example, in the case of my Yaks, I got to a point where I was stopping only when I absolutely needed to in order to adjust the slippage. Otherwise, I told myself that I just needed to work through it. I focused on the traction I still had from the parts of my Yaks that were still in place, and I moved myself along accordingly. Keep going, I'd say to myself. Keep up. The YakTrax were just a bonus anyway. And in the end, I survived to complete the run.

To the hills, snow and cold temps, and (most importantly) to my WhackYax:


Question: How do you overcome challenges in your fitness routine when it seems like all is lost? Are you good at pushing the negative out, or maybe there's a song that always puts you back in the game. Tell me!

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Max Cascone said...

Hi Tara! Thanks so much for running this promotion! Just one thing - the "Daily Dose" code will work, but the discount will come as a refund after you place your order. It won't show up in your cart, but it will be refunded to your card shortly after your order.

Thanks everyone!

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