Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do you work out?

Yeah, I know. As a personal trainer, the answer to that question should be painfully obvious. The phrases "good health" and "weight loss" come to mind. But I want you to dig a little deeper because I bet, if you really think about it, there are some underlying reasons why you just can't give up your gym membership or your daily walk around the block, that Pilates DVD or whatever it is you do.

For example, I work out because it feels very empowering. Literally and physically. With every weight I lift or mile that I run, I can actually feel myself getting stronger. I'm kicking my own butt and taking my own name, so to speak. And it feels great, even when it hurts. And that's where the literal sense of empowerment comes into play. It feels good to take matters into my own hands. To give back to a body that has already given me so much by taking a stand against all that could harm it. You can't take this body down, I think repeatedly. And then I hit the gym to prove it.

I love going to the gym because I find it to be a very social form of inspiration. I enjoy being around people who appreciate fitness as much as I do. And it's especially great to see those people morph into healthier, stronger individuals over time because it pushes me to work even harder. As you develop a schedule, it's hard not to meet the people you repeatedly share the gym with. It's like an unofficial family and I genuinely look forward to seeing the people I typically see whether or not we exchange words that day. Sometimes we share a simple "hello" or swap smiles, other times we talk about our weekends. And sometimes, we even ignore each other as we focus intently on the weights in front of us. Either way, I look forward to it. And when I miss a day, I always wonder who didn't.

So I'll ask you again, why is it that you choose to work out? I'd love to know.


Tammy said...

To be strong and healthy well into the future. For renewed energy every day. To maintain a toned body and positive self-image even though the 50s are approaching. And to ensure my heart's ready for the life I'm planning on living to the fullest.

Unknown said...

In a nutshell...I feel 100 times better when I do. I stand up taller, I feel tighter and more confident, I like the way a little muscle tone looks in the mirror, I sleep better. When I miss a day (or three!) I feel gross from the inside out. I hate that feeling.

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