Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are you well?

My mother sent me a link to a quiz developed by a company called Life...Supplemented™ that supposedly tells you how well you are. It factors in things like food consumption, exercise, sleep and meditation. The results are organized into a "Wellness Scorecard," and I found them to be quite interesting. However, she and I both agree that some of the questions need to have one or two more potential answers. We both had to compromise on a few, which may or may not have affected our individual results. But in the end, I fell into the "Well" category. Thumbs up across the board, however I apparently need to consume more fish and practice stress reduction (laughing).

Go ahead and try it yourself, but pay less attention to the push toward supplements. I personally do not agree with supplements unless it's a multivitamin. Further research indicates that Life...Supplemented™ is a "consumer wellness campaign presented by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and dietary supplement ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers." As a former advertising pro, I know exactly what that means. Don't buy into it! Just eat clean, healthy food and you should be fine. Unless, of course, your doctor suggests otherwise. They tend to know what they're talking about.


Unknown said...

I took the quiz! I was "Wannabe" Well. But I think the choices were too general as well. I was in between on a few. And, there were a few questions on fiber...just thought I'd share that I've read/heard that the "added fiber" labels we're seeing on many foods these days are under research. It is being said that adding unnatural fiber to foods may not be of any benefit, and our fiber intake needs to be from whole foods. Wanna do some research and post on that, T? I'd love to hear more. :)

Unknown said...

I'm a "Well" too! But I need to up my bean's a good thing I don't have a roommate right now. ;) Great quiz though!

Thought you should also know that I am taking your workout to the West Coast and Cathy and I are going to do it this morning. Just saw your arm workout from today's post, we're going to try that too! Keep up the great work, T!

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