Sunday, February 14, 2016

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, February 2016

It's love day, friends. I hope you celebrated it somehow, some way and with someone you love. Even if that someone is you. Because we all deserve a little self-love. Who better to pick ourselves up than, well...our very own self. Right? Think about it. And think about how you are going to show some love to those around you today, tomorrow and every day thereafter.

love quotes
Speaking of love, it's a great day for some link love! Once again, the browser on my phone is full of greatness, so if you're looking for something fun to read on the Internet, I invite you to check out the following links.

Monthly roundup of links from across the web.
1) I'm still obsessed with arm balances, and have been working on mastering quite a few of them. It's one of my goals for this year. Update to come later this week!

2) Given the link above, it should be fairly obvious to you that I don't have an issue with inversions. There's a member of my fitness team that absolutely hates them, even though I'm certain he's strong enough to actually do them. Feel the same? Here's why inversion are good for your mind, and why you should do them if you can.

3) There are a variety of different barre methods out there, and while I don't follow one specific format in my Monday morning Barre Fit class, I do try to make sure that my students walk away having experienced these five benefits of barre class.

4) Hey moms, you know what it's like to lose your patience. Right? Well, I'm not going to feel bad about the days when I lose my patience. Guilt-free motherhood, let's all do it.

5) I'm knee-deep in the ACE Group Fitness manual, and also a book about Jesus (yes, it's Lent). But if you need something to read, here's a list of 16 inspiring books you should read in 2016.

6) Currently contemplating tomorrow's Barre Fit class. I might incorporate some moves from this waist-slimming lower ab workout.

7) You should make this easy Tuscan bean soup. Thank me later.

8) Everyone should know these 25 things about life.

9) When I was little, my grandmother bought me a calligraphy set. The pens dried out because I ultimately sucked at it. But, I do love making letters look fancy in my own, non-calligraphy way. But now, I'm going to create fake calligraphy when I write, draw or journal because why not.

10) We do a lot of burpees in my HIIT class on Wednesday Mornings. I happen to love burpees. And these insane burpee variations.

Question: Flowers or chocolate? 

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