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Like barre workouts? Try this one:

Last month, I posted a 60-minute barre workout you can do at home. Barre classes are extremely popular, and effective for a variety of reasons. They can very in style and intensity...but they can also be expensive to attend. Join a gym and you might get them for free. We offer two classes a week to our members, and they seem to really love them. I teach one of them, and it's by far one of my favorite classes. Today, I'd like to share with you one of our latest Barre Fit classes just in case you're looking for an at-home barre workout that doesn't need a lot of equipment.

Tone and tighten your muscles with this at-home barre workout.
It must be said: Please make sure you check in with your physician before you try anything new. I am a certified fitness professional, but I don't know what your individual limits and restrictions are. You must be open and honest with yourself when it comes to your health. Don't take unnecessary risks, and ask all the right questions first. It never hurts to just make sure that something is right for you.

A few things to consider before you begin:
1) You'll need to warm up (and cool down) as you see fit.
2) Gather a small ball, two paper plates (or discs) and some light hand weights.

Now, let's get to it.
Here's the actual workout, then I'll break it down for you:

60-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
This workout is divided up into two big circuits. Complete each circuit three times, adjusting and modifying as you see fit (based on your individual fitness needs). Let me break down some of the less obvious parts of the workout:

Circuit #1
Flight Lunge to Front Abductions

60-Minute At Home Barre Workout
Start off in a flight lunge, bend and straighten your front knee without moving your upper body. This is equivalent to one repetition. After you complete all of your repetitions, straighten up to front abductions on the opposite leg (shown above in the first graphic). Be sure to repeat this on your other side.

Hip Presses with a Ball

60-Minute At Home Barre Workout
Make this traditional exercise a little harder by squeezing a small ball in between your knees the entire time you press up and down. On your last repetition, hold yourself in the bridge, then squeeze and release the ball repeatedly until you complete all of the repetitions. Make it harder by keeping your heels lifted, too.

Swimmer Kicks
This exercise is pretty easy to understand, but it can be called a wide variety of things Like flutter kicks, for example. And it can also be done face-down on the floor. So here's a visual of what I'm calling for in the workout:

Core Exercise in a Barre Class
If you have any lower back issues, proceed with caution. Remember to keep your lower back pressed into the floor, and the lower your feet are to the ground, the more challenging it will be. Switch to a traditional plank if need be.

3-Stop Pushups
No picture because you know what a pushup looks like, but let's talk about what "3-stop" means: Essentially, pause 1...2...3 times on your way down (or up) before completing the pushup. It's not complicated, I promise, but will burn your upper body in the best way possible.

Circuit #2
Wide Squat Hold with Front Shoulder Lifts
After completing your wide squats with a biceps curl, hold the wide squat and move your arms up and down. Don't release that 90-degree bend. It should look like this:

60-Minute Barre Workout
When you hold that wide squat position, remember to tuck your hips underneath you, and tighten your core. And keep your knees over your toes.

Wide Squats with a Reverse Squeeze
Next up, come right out of that squat hold into regular squats, adding a reverse squeeze when you stand up to effectively engage the muscles in your back.

60-Minute At Home Barre Workout
Wide Squat Hold with 5th Position Arm Lifts
Hold that wide squat one more time and lift those arms up overhead into what, in traditional ballet classes, is called 5th position. Like this:

60-Minute At Home Barre Workout
2-Disc Cross Plank
I have a set of Valslides at home, but you don't need fancy equipment to complete this exercise. You essentially just need something that will glide across your floor, and paper plates often fit that bill. You'll want to put one under each foot as you get into a plank position, then all you do is alternate sliding your leg underneath to the other side.

60-Minute At Home Barre Workout
Of course, you can always turn this into a kick-through or a knee pull if that works better for you.

Always do what is best for you, friends.

Ready to try an at-home barre workout? Let me know how it goes. And if you like it, here's another 60-minute barre workout you can try.

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Question: What's your favorite at-home workout?

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