Thursday, December 10, 2015

Indoor Cycling Playlist with Music from the 80's

I taught Spinning class today for the first time in three weeks. It felt good to be back on the bike again. I'm currently sharing a time slot with another instructor, and Thanksgiving fell on my Thursday, so I didn't teach a Spinning class that day. I had a pretty good number of people signed up, so I knew I would need an awesome Spinning playlist that represented a challenging ride.

I mean, what's more awesome than music from the 80's?

Indoor Cycling Playlist with Music from the 80's
Two songs by Journey, some AC/DC. Bon Jovi. Insert rock star head banging here. Literally, by the end of class, almost everyone was singing out loud. I don't repeat classes too frequently, but this one might resurface sooner than later. I sure did make me sweat:

Indoor Cycling Playlist with Music from the 80's
Essentially, it's a ride that takes you up and down two hills. It builds slowly, and has a lot of variety in and out of the saddle. And, you know, 80's music...I could sit and spin on a seated flat to music from the 80's for 45 minutes and still be one happy spinning instructor. Boring ride made better by party music that never gets old.

This isn't that boring ride, though.

Indoor Cycling Playlist with Music from the 80's
It's built for a 45-minute Spinning class, give or take a few minutes depending on the song version you use. It's truly "nothing but a good time." You'll ride like a "maniac" the whole time and your "legs" will be forever grateful when it's time to cool down.

Question: If you had to build a themed playlist for a group fitness class or workout, what would you go with?

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