Friday, May 8, 2015

Compression shorts from @oldnavy are #fitnfashionable (for real, they're awesome).

First off, let me tell you that this post is not (in any way at all) sponsored by Old Navy. I am sharing this find with you because I am completely obsessed. Let me back up. I hate shorts. For the most part. But in the Summer months, I like to wear them at the gym. But I can rarely ever find a style that I like, so I typically stick with running skirts. But the other day I went into Old Navy. Their Go-Dry Compression shorts stuck out to me and it was love at first sight, later confirmed by a quick trip to the dressing room.

You guys, they're so cute:

And completely comfortable. Why?

They're lightweight.
You can't see through them when you bend over.
They have a 5" inseam.

The pattern/color selection is on trend.
The waistband is the right height and doesn't dig in.

And here's the best part: These shorts don't ride up or fall down.

I taught my PiYo Live class in them and didn't have to stop and adjust them once. NOT ONCE! I also wore them when I was training a client. No adjusting during the session, either.

Seriously amazing. If you've ever worn shorts like this, you know what I mean about the pulling down and the falling down and the general wedge-like feeling. Booty shorts, these are not.

Old Navy has a lot of really cute tops right now, too. I bought a Go-Dry tank in the same green as the waistband:

Yeah, I know. You can't really see it, but you can check it out on Old Navy's website. Fair warning, I ended up buying it a size smaller than usual so that it would be a bit fitted. I think, honestly, that it's meant to be worn kind of loose, each his own.

Old Navy, if you're reading this, please make these shorts in a ga-zillion different prints and colors.

Pretty please?

(PS: For more fit and fashionable finds, head on over to Fitful Focus for a roundup of links from other bloggers like myself. It's Fit and Fashionable Friday, y'all!)

Question: What piece of fitness clothing can you NOT live without? As in, you'd buy every color/print of it if you could?

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