Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workout Wednesday: 30-Minute Backyard Workout (#FFOutside)

Short workouts that get results. That's what you want, right? It's what I want, that's for sure. While I love spending a good chunk of time in the gym, it's just not ideal. Especially not now that I'm juggling two kids, a part-time job and a home. As you know, I've been favoring 30-minute workouts. They produce a great sweat while my kids are sleeping, leaving me ample time to shower and (quite possibly) some kid-free time to get stuff done around the house.

So, here. If you feel me, this might be a good workout for you. As always, please check with your doctor before trying anything new. I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, but I haven't assessed your personal fitness level, so you'll need to proceed accordingly with the following.

Please modify this workout as you see fit, if at all necessary:

When I did this workout, 30 minutes flew by me as if they were just 10 minutes. It's a go-go-go format. If you don't have a jump rope—pretend! If you don't have hand weights, you can eliminate the curls.

All of the moves are pretty standard, but I'm here to clarify the three I think will cause the most confusion.

1) Pushups with Knee-to-Elbow
At the top of your pushup, bring your right knee to your right elbow. Return to plank position and repeat with your left knee. Perform a pushup and repeat. Here's a visual:

2) X Leg Extension Crunches
Leg extension crunches are typically done with straight legs, starting in a pike position with hands and feet above your belly. This crunch starts the same way, but when you drop hands and feet to the floor, you do so on the diagonal, literally forming one half of an X. You'll bring your legs back to the start and form the other half, taking arms and legs in the opposite direction as seen below:

3) Push Away Balance
This one might take some self-trust on your part! First, you'll squat. Then, lift one leg up and tilt forward as if you were going to roll. Bend the arms, then push yourself back up into your squat. Stand and repeat, lifting the other leg this time.

Remember, whenever you take your workouts outside, it's always a good idea to lather on the sunscreen. And drink plenty of water. Puh-lenty of water!

Question: Do you wear sunglasses when you exercise outdoors? Sometimes I wear them when I run, but I can't when I do strength-based workouts. You? Why or why not?

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Alicen Ronan said...

I absolutely have to wear sunglasses when I exercise outside or I just can't see a thing. It's not always handy when I'm running, but I rather have them bounce a bit and be annoying than not be able to see well.

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