Monday, August 4, 2014

#RaceRecap: @RunWithLogan 5K

Whirlwind weekend, y'all. You, too? I spent most of Sunday poolside at my in-laws. Glorious day, really. The weather was perfect, the kids were awesome. We had some serious fun—that I didn't document because I forgot my camera. For real, big fat "ugh" for that one.

Let's talk about Saturday.
I ran Logan's Run 5K with my mom and sister:

It was my first time running this race which seems ridiculous because it's been going on for, like...12 years or something in my hometown. Not only is it in my hometown, it's on the University of Notre Dame's campus, which is one of my favorite places to run.

The race itself benefits Logan's Center, which provides resources and opportunities for people with disabilities. They do really great things for those that need it. A truly special place in South Bend. My parents work for the main sponsor, so I ran it for free. Had that not been available, I would have paid my own way, for sure.

My bib:

Does anyone else have a hard time getting their bib on straight? We had a good laugh about this. It's virtually impossible, but I somehow managed it. But really, why does it matter? It doesn't...and yet, it does.


The race itself was great. The course was perfectly plotted around campus, going around a lake and past some key buildings, like the Basilica and the Grotto. Even the spot where the band plays before every home football game (which got me really pumped for football season).

It helps to have heartwarming distractions like this when you're bustin' butt to run a good race. I would have taken pictures, but I was entirely focused on putting one foot in front of the other!

Best quote from the day: "Guys, we're at 8:30."

It wasn't a typical pace for my mom, so she started to worry, but she pushed and it paid off. She finished 28:24, which put her in third place in her age division. #proud

My sister ran 27:24 and finished 5th in her age division.
I ran 27:32 and finished 9th in my age division.

I'm pretty happy with my time. It was a bit slower than my Beat the Heat 5K time, but still pretty fast considering the sore back I was sporting. I ran a 3-miler this morning at an average pace somewhere 8:30 and the back felt good. All is well? Let's hope.

Maybe it's the obligatory post-run trip to Starbucks.

And I quote the sister: "Put me on the blog."

So I did.

Is anyone else obsessed with the cake pops are Starbucks?
So good, so not good for me.
But seriously, so good:

Up next: Another Jost Running virtual race. Home Run 10K.

Are any of my local readers running The Color Run in South Bend on September 27? Don't forget to use COLOR5OFF to save $5 when you register. Such a fun race.

Question: Do you guys save your race bibs? They do, I don't...unless it's an exceptionally awesome race. Let's discuss this below.

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