Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Recap / Hello, June!

Nope, no baby just yet. We are exactly one week away from my due date. Dropping? Doc says baby is still a bit high. I didn't drop with Hannah until my water broke, only then was it obvious. And then it took about 12 hours for the contractions to start. So we'll see how it goes this time around. (A little nervous about that, actually.)

Anyway, there's your (somewhat brief) bumpdate.
Let's take a look back at my May goals:

1) Pack my hospital bag.
The only things that aren't packed in my hospital bag just yet are the things I'm still using on a daily basis. Like my phone and charger, camera, wallet, etc. I still question whether I've got everything I'll need (one can never really know what one wants in the moment, whatever the moment may be), but I think I've got myself fairly covered. My packing list was pretty complete.

2) Make freezer meals. 
Done! And I'm so excited about every one of the meals I made. It's been hard to save them because they all sound so delish, but I'm definitely going to appreciate the ease at which they'll feed my family when things get crazy (as I'm sure they will).

3) Start making Baby's baby book.

Success! Although it's not finished yet. All of the pages are cut, they just need to be assembled, but I'm waiting to see whether Baby is a boy or girl before I actually complete it.

4) Continue fitness four, maybe five times a week. 
Sigh. My fitness routine starting falling short mid-month. That's really when I started to notice a significant lack of energy. I haven't touched a weight in two weeks, choosing instead to focus on walking...but that's proving to be difficult. I can't get that far without having to relieve the bladder or the back. Ha! So I've also been doing my best to stay active, like with watering the flowers, going up and down the stairs with laundry. Playing with Hannah. Things like that to keep me up and moving instead of couch-bound. Needless to say, I'm very much craving a solid workout.

5) Read Kate Horning's new book, Healthy Living Redefined: Live It. Share It.

I love this book. The fact that I was able to read it with everything I had going on these past few weeks...a true testament to it's ability to suck you in with solid and inspiring information, such as the above quote. The only part I skimmed: "The 28-Day Road Map to Create Your Healthy Lifestyle." I want to dive into that a little deeper when I've been cleared by the doc to return to my regular activities, so I've added this book to my box of post-baby inspiration.

How did you do on your May goals?
Can you believe it's June already?

Time to set some new goals.

I'm going easy on myself this month because I'll have my hands full. Now isn't the time to set any lofty fitness goals or put too much pressure on myself to be and do, so what follows is a list of goals that should be easily attainable. And if I don't, so be it. They'll transfer to July! (Except for the first one.)

1) Have a baby.
2) Respect my post-baby body...let it heal.
3) Finish the baby book and order gender-specific nursery essentials.
4) Test out the double stroller with a few fun walks.
5) Research/purchase new gear for post-baby running.

Let me clarify that last one, just so you don't think I'm jumping the gun on getting back into it.

For starters, I need new shoes. I love my Mizuno Wave Sayonara running shoes, but I'm not opposed to trying something just as good and/or cheaper. I've also been contemplating a Garmin or Polar to track my running/fitness. I have a Polar HRM, but it doesn't track my running, just my HR and not my calorie burn. Also, my BOB has two popped tires. Here's one of them:

Not sure if I overfilled them, or if it's just time to replace's an older model from a garage sale, who knows.  Regardless, I don't plan on running with it anytime soon, but I might as well get it in tip-top shape.

Question: What is one goal you've set for yourself this month?

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Clarinda said...

Love your goal #1! :) That's a pretty exciting one, for sure. And it sounds like you're pretty well set for baby's arrival.

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