Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recap

February zoomed by me in a whirlwind of activity. And snow. So much snow. But I willingly live in Michigan so I can't really complain. Such is life in the mitten state. And as the last few hours of the day tick by, it's time I reflect a little on those goals and to-do items I set up for myself at the beginning of the month.

1) Participate in the SweatPink/Lorna Jane Move/Nourish/Believe blogger challenge.

I sucked at this. Big time. I love blogger challenges, but I just...I don't know. I couldn't incorporate very many of the tasks into my daily life. Aside from posting a few things on Instagram, I shared five of my fitness favorites during the "move" portion and somehow managed to take five mindful minutes during the "believe" portion of the challenge.

You win some, you lose some. #sigh

2) Maintain my 3 miles/twice-a-week running pattern. 

It's interesting how things can change so quickly when it comes to pregnancy. I spent a week this month pretty much flat on my back, and while I thought it might be another case of the flu, I concluded that it was nothing more than a growth spurt—I think the hormones caused a resurgence of nausea. Anyway, it threw off my personal workouts, consequently changing them a bit. I haven't been clocking three miles, but I am still running with a side of strength training (since I'm no longer participating in my HIIT class).

As a result, my personal workouts have been been looking a little something like this:

3) Complete some continuing education credits for my Spinning certification.

I didn't exactly complete the credits, but I did decide to purchase the following course.

Since I'm still on the bike, and since we have a diverse membership, I thought a course on special populations would be useful (and interesting).

4) Find and order a maternity dress for an upcoming wedding.

I ordered a dress, ended up not liking it, after which I remembered a maternity dress my sister handed down to me. I think I'm good to go:

5) Develop weekly meal plans and grocery lists.

This is going well for me with the help of my cookbook collection, Pinterest and my complimentary subscription to eMeals. We tend to grocery shop on Sundays, so at some point on Saturday I clean out the refrigerator and pantry while making a list of must-haves. And then I sit down and pick meals for the week. Thanks to NatureBox, I can scratch "snacks" off the list. I just got another box of goodies:

Sad note: Last week, as I was cleaning out the pantry, I somehow managed to throw away a bag of NatureBox Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars.

I can't even keep talking about it.
So mad.

Question: What goal did you achieve this month? Tell me so I can congratulate you!

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