Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Fitness Favorites

Yesterday was Thursday (obviously), but for some reason, I kept thinking that Saturday was next. But we all know Friday comes first. Today, in fact, is Friday and that deserves a happy dance. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Now let's get to it.

If you follow fitness blogs, you might see a number of us Tweeting and Instagramming about the SweatPink/Lorna Jane Move/Nourish/Believe challenge. I'm all for participating in challenges because I think they spice things up a bit while igniting new inspiration and creativity. While I've been doing my best to keep up, this week's "move" theme has been hard for me because my fitness routine is A) based on a group fitness schedule, and B) increasingly limited because of my pregnancy. However, today's task was a true thought starter that I absolutely could take on:

I mean, we all have favorites. Right? I actually had a hard time narrowing it down, so consider the following just five of many fitness favorites that I have.

Now, when I say "running shoes," I mostly mean "athletic shoes" but a majority of mine ARE, in fact, running shoes. Either way, I dig new sneaks:

As for burpees and planks, most people hate them but I love them. Burbees because they get my whole body involved and I can really, truly feel myself working. And planks because I'm of the opinion that they're the best core exercise out there. At five months pregnant, I'm still doing them, but for a much shorter period of time. I think I can knock out a solid 1:30 before they get unbearable. I'm used to doing 3:00-5:00 planks, depending.

As for the half marathon, it's totally my favorite distance. Long enough to feel like you're really, truly training for and accomplishing this awesome feat, but not so long that training is unmanageable with the rest of my schedule/life. What shocks me is that in my history of running races, I've only done three half marathons.

I plan to up that count in the future.

And then, there's ACE. The American Council on Exercise. I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, but long before I held that piece of paper, I regarded this organization as a top provider of quality fitness information. One of many, of course, just THE ONE that I turn to most.

With that, I leave you.
Feel free to dance it out a bit longer if you need to, the song above is infectious.

Question: What are some of your fitness favorites?


Kate Scott said...

Hmm...this is tough...deadlifts and pushups for exercises and workout clothes for real life clothes. :)

Ashley Reece said...

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