Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quick #Kettlebell Workout

And so it's Tuesday. How's your week? Mine is busy, as usual. I taught Spinning and Kettlebells this morning. On tap for Spinning was a 45-minute interval ride. The first half was all flats, alternating between sitting and standing flats. The second half was all hills, alternating between seated and standing climbs. Good stuff, my legs truly felt it...which made for a wobbly Kettlebells class. Made worse by the fact that we did single-leg dead lifts. In case you're in need of a quick kettlebell workout:

30 Minute Workout with Kettlebells
Word for the wise, please be careful when you try workouts from this or any other website. While some of these workouts are backed by certified experience, as mine all are, you can never be too sure how your own body will react to a single workout. Tune in to yourself and proceed with caution, especially if you're trying anything new. Any questions? Let me know, or just consult your physician.

Moving on.

I've been munching on this stuff lately:

NatureBox Snacks
All the goods from my latest NatureBox. They're, like...all the same color. And yet, so flavorfully different! I seriously can't stop with the mango. And the pretzels...don't say I didn't warn you.

This time around, I got to pick exactly what I wanted to get. Not because of my partnership with them—because they just launched a new program on their website that allows subscribers to virtually fill their own boxes. So if you have favorites that you're just madly craving, you can get them again (and again, and again)! The only catch is that you have to virtually refill your box every month or you'll just get the random goods, which is definitely not a bad thing. 

The other bummer about filling your own box? You don't get the recipe of the month, mostly because those recipes use whatever snack is being featured that month in the curated boxes. So if you DO fill your own boxes, you should TOTALLY follow the NatureBox blog. Seriously good stuff over there.

Remember, if you're a first-timer with NatureBox, you can take 50% off with my affiliate link.
(Use it, don't use it...totally up to you.)

Question: What is your all-time favorite piece of gym equipment? High five if it's the kettlebell.


Mandy Nester said...

I love the BOSU. I don't use it nearly enough, but every time I do, it kicks my butt. We did BOSU burpees a while back in class. Talk about tough!

Heather Murphy said...

This looks like a great workout- definitely something I could use to spice up my routine. I love kettlebells, but I think I have to go with medicine balls!

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks, Heather! Let me know if you try it. Medicine balls are great...oh, man can they really up the ante in an ab workout!

adailydoseoffit said...


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