Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

What's up! It's Wednesday, and I've been a busy girl. But you've been busy, too.
So we won't dwell on the current state of our busy-ness. Let me update you:

Happening! Participating in The Color Run has been an item on my bucket list for quite some time. And since it's coming to my hometown, well...I couldn't say no! So I'm running a 5K this weekend. Not like it's a race, really. It'll be fun! I'm running with my mom and sister. Hilarity will surely ensue.

Confession: I haven't been running.
But I have been Spinning.

I teach twice a week now, and I taught this morning at 6:00AM. It feels good to be on the bike more than 45 minutes each week, since I'm now teaching a 45-minute AND a 60-minute class. But I do miss running. I seriously think I'm becoming a weekend runner because that's pretty much the only time I run these days (unless you count the few times we run around the short track at the gym during my strength classes).

I should be running more, though. It's such a great form of stress relief. And I'm certainly stressed. Less than two weeks until I take my ACE test. Seriously, OMG. You'd think I wouldn't be so stressed about it, seeing as how I'm already a certified personal trainer, but still. The pressure seems X2 this time around. What if I fail? That'd be hilarious (or not).

So I'm still studying. Reviewing, really. And watching the videos that came in my study bundle:

So what if I fell asleep.

Oh, BTW: I gave Banana some peanuts. I updated my #powerofthepeanut post with all the details. Be sure to check it out if you're curious to see how she reacted.

Question: What's your go-to form of stress relief?


Mandy Nester said...

Good for you! I took my ACE test back in April. It was hard, but I passed. I HIGHLY recommend those practice tests. I took one and failed it, but it showed me where I needed to study. I passed with a 500 something (I was darn close to failing it but the anatomy questions were HARD!). My test had a lot of questions about pregnancy and prenatal exercise for some reason. You'll do fine, I'm sure.

BTW - I LOVE the pink cycling shoes! Are you spinning in a skirt?! That's too cool. You should check out my blog - I feel we are kindred spirits. :)

Cristine said...

Do you do anything different for an early morning spin class vs. later in the day?

adailydoseoffit said...

No, not really. If the students appear especially groggy in the morning, I might extend the warmup a bit, but for the most part...everything is the same. I figure, if they're waking up early for a workout, they probably want me to make it worth it :-)

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks for the advice, Mandy! I've been doing the practice tests...I feel ready! And...I was spinning in a running skirt! Sometimes I'm more comfortable in them than bike shorts. Ha!

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