Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

It's at about this point, usually two days or so before a race, that I start to doubt myself. I start to feel like I haven't trained enough, or that I could have done better, and I start to convince myself that I am going to have an awful race. Which is so stupid. It's just nerves, I know. I mean, I ran 8-minute miles this morning. Come on. So it's also at about this point where I really try hard to kick the confidence up a notch via self-directed pep talks. Because if I continue to believe in myself, then I'm halfway to that finish line.

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Shannon from Skinny Sometimes made the above. You really should check out her blog. It's so real, and genuine. You believe everything she says, and you can tell she isn't hiding behind any need to be perfect. She's human, just like the rest of us, and isn't afraid to show it. I had the privilege of getting to know her at BlogHer. She's very normal in her approach to health and fitness. "Sometimes I make healthy choices, sometimes I don't," she admits, which is awesome.

I added her to my Link Love page.
I haven't updated it in ages, so check it out.

Question: Do you get nervous before a race or fitness/sporting event? How do you deal?

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