Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

A three-day weekend is glorious, it's true. I am certain that many of you spent it like I did—with family, doing things you don't normally get to do, or things you don't normally get to. Like yard work, for example, which is what we did a vast majority of our time. Gotta say, I kind of hate yard work. But at least it's of the more physically active of the household chores.

I keep a pair of old running shoes on hand for such things. I find them comfortable and motivating. There's something about lacing up, no matter what you're lacing up for. Right? Yes. But, in addition to all of the plants I potted and replanted, there's also this on my deck now:

My own personal lettuce garden. 
I'm super excited about it.

Healthy eats, right outside my back door.
Not so healthy: Pizza.

We have a most-excellent pizza place in my town. It's literally walks away from the beach, and right below a bluff that overlooks the beach. And seriously, it's so good. We like to pack up the girl and head down there every once in a while for a pie, and sometimes we forgo the pie for something else we've packed to bring. Which, of course, you immediately regret when you get down there because the whole town will inevitably smell like garlic during high eatin' time. 

You'd think it would disgust you after a while, but it never gets old. 
Oh, never gets old.

Good thing I ran nine miles this morning. Goodbye, pizza pie.


With just about a month left until race day, it's time to say goodbye to single-digit long runs in favor of those that'll really get me to the finish line. I'm feeling good about it. Really good, actually. It seems as though I completed all of my scheduled runs without a hitch. And today's 9-miler, despite being sloppy wet, was really comfortable. Surprisingly so, actually. The details:

Dare I say that I'm looking forward to pushing through ten?
I've got a few days to think that one over, though (she types as she laughs). 

I'm pretty happy with that average pace. If I can keep it up through 13 miles, I'll beat my last half marathon time, where I averaged a 10:46 pace. Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't teach my usual Tuesday lineup: I was home with a sick little girl. Sad.

So Monday is gone and Tuesday is looming. But before we shed the weekend, I cannot depart without honoring the day itself. Memorial Day. And all I can say to that is "thank you."

And yet, I never feel as if it's enough. So much has been given up for my freedom. For my ability to run freely from street corner to street corner. So much.

Question: What was the best part of your weekend?

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