Sunday, March 10, 2013

#ChiWomensHalf Training Update

Let the training commence! Week 1 is done. And as you can see, I clocked one extra mile because I forgot that I was only scheduled for two miles on Wednesday. Ha! So I ran a total of ten miles this week on top of everything else I do, and I still feel good—It's good to be running toward a goal again. Now, if only the weather would turn so that I can run outside a little more. Unfortunately, it's too cold to put my daughter in The BOB for an afternoon running adventure, and by the time my husband gets home from work and we eat dinner, it's too late (and too dark) for me to be running outside. SO. I'm confined to the gym and the dreaded treadmill right now. I can't do much more than four miles on that thing. It's just too awful! Here's to Week 2.

And here's to the winner of my Happy Family giveaway:

Hannah loved eating Puffs! We haven't had any in the house as of late because she's gotten the hang of much crunchier foods, although I'm certain she'd still eat Puffs if I gave them to her. In fact, they were the first "hard" snack I ever gave her. They dissolved really quickly, which meant less worry for me. And they were most excellent on the go. But these days, as mentioned, girl is pretty much eating what we eat. Gosh, it's like she's a teenager.

Question:  How many miles can you clock on a treadmill before you get bored?

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Susan said...

Congrats on the half marathon prep! Hopefully Daylight Savings time will help with your evening runs. I thought you might be interested in this vest. A few friends and I have it and it really comes in handy for late day runs (or even early morning). I've witnessed a huge difference in driver reaction time when I wear this. They see me much further down the road and slow down and move over much earlier than when I was just wearing my bright yellow jacket.

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