Tuesday, March 19, 2013

60-Minute Total Body Workout

Hello, friends. Let's make it a total-body Tuesday, shall we? If you're in the mood for 60 minutes of head-to-toe toning, then I've got the workout for you. It's the very same workout I put together for yesterday's 6:00AM class—I assure you, I'm feeling it today. Particularly in my legs, which is great because I have such a hard time pushing my legs to fatigue. (Usually, this only happens after a long run or a grueling session on the bike filled with tons o' climbs.) Enjoy:

But please, remember to exercise smartly. Check with your doctor before beginning anything rigorous, and always...always work to your own fitness. Translation: Modify as needed.

Speaking of modifications, no work at the gym for me today. My girl is sick, so I kept her home with me and out of the nursery to give her little immune system time to heal. And right now, as I type this, she's beginning to stir from her afternoon nap. Better go!

Question: How many exercises do you typically combine into a circuit?

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