Friday, February 8, 2013

Workout Week: Love Your Legs Day

I think my most favorite muscle group to work right now is legs. I feel like there are so many awesome leg exercises, sometimes I have a hard time choosing. And I think my legs are stronger than any other muscle group right now...running, spinning, years of gymnastics and cheerleading. Anyway—I've put together this Love Your Legs Day Workout for you:

Some things to consider:

1) Keep your chest up in your goblet squats, and be sure to pick a single dumbbell to hold at your that's heavy enough to challenge your squats. Feet should be wide, toes pointed out.

2) Jump into a lunge, return to neutral, jump into a lunge on the other side. Keep these going until you hit 20 total, ten per side.

4) Tie a stretch band around your calf muscles and step in one direction, to the side, 15 times. Repeat going in the other direction. Never let that band lose tension!  Hi, hips.

5) Whether you stand on a step or the floor for your calf presses is entire up to you, just make sure you add some weight via one or two dumbbells.

And with that, I leave you to your Friday.

Question: What was your workout schedule this week? Did you do anything that made you feel particularly stronger than usual?

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