Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On napping. (#Infographic)

We got a little off schedule today, my daughter and I. Instead of putting her down around 1:00PM for a nap, I opted to meet a friend for a power walk downtown. I figured that Hannah would fall asleep in her stroller, but was not blessed with such luck. It really isn't that big of a deal, though as she wasn't cranky or anything—she's quite adaptable, my girl. So when we came home, I fed her and then I put her to bed for a nap.

But she didn't fall asleep, despite being tired. She found too much fun in her toes, her cuddly blanket bunny and the texture of the wall behind her crib. Instead of getting her up, I decided to let her be. I knew that she'd succumb to sleep at some point, and while I waited for it, I opted to check up on my Reader.

Oddly enough, this infographic was waiting for me:

Out of the aforementioned napping categories, I'm mostly likely to be a micro-napper. I just don't take naps, but closing my eyes for a few minutes if need be, usually does the trick. When it comes to during-the-day sleeping, I'd rather spend the time reading. Or, as is more the case these days, catching up on things like laundry and dishes (or maybe even some baking)—well, that's if/when my daughter is napping.

Everyone told me to sleep when she sleeps, but that really wasn't for me. It still isn't. At least not during the day. At night, well...I do my best to sleep, sleep and sleep. Maybe that's why I don't need much sleep during the day. I get enough quality shuteye at night. Or maybe it's all the exercise. It, like milk, does a body good.

To each his own.

Question: What kind of napper are you based on the above infographic?


Christine said...

OMG I love that infographic!! I love naps. I think that everyone should nap every day. My friends in high school would always marvel at my ability to take power naps and I still try to take them when I can.

adailydoseoffit said...

Ha! You sound like one of my roommates from college. She was the best napper I've ever known :-)

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