Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workout Week: Lower Body Burner

I gave you an upper body workout yesterday, so it's only natural that I follow it up with a lower body workout. I mean, I'd hate for you to be imbalanced. Could you imagine? Let's not. Here goes:

Some clarifications:

Right Lunge/Wide Squat/Left Lunge/Wide Squat Jump Combo
Sounds confusing, I know. Here's how it works: Start with your feet together, pop out to a wide squat. Pop your feet back in, then pop into a right lunge. Pop back in, then back out again to a wide squat. Pop back in, then back out to a left lunge. I swear it's not complicated.

Leg Extensions with Band
You'll need a band with handles and a bench for this one. Anchor the band around the base of the bench, hook your toes in the handles and lie flat on the bench. Extend your feet up toward the ceiling to straighten your legs. Feel it in your quads? Good. Repeat.

Hip Press/Hold on Ball
Grab a big exercise ball, lie down and dig your heels into the top of it. Press your hips up and hold.

Farmer's Walk
This one works your calf muscles, so grab heavy weights. Proceed to walk on your tip-toes...choose a distance that's quite long, like the short length of a basketball court.

High Knees
Like you're marching, with a slight jump. Right knee up is equivalent to one repetition. So, 25 per side.

Side Steps with a Band
Find a flat band, or tie a band with handles around your calf muscles. Step to the right, then to the left. Back and forth, one repetition. It's a hip burner.

Glute Extensions on a Cable Machine
Nothing fancy here. It's a pretty standard exercise. Lower the cable machine and hook up an ankle harness and step in. Kneel on a bench with the other leg, facing the cable machine. Extend the harnessed leg behind you.

As always, contact me with questions: dailydose (dot) notes (at) gmail (dot) com.

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