Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nature and Healthy Kiddos (#Infographic)

As a new mom, I find myself keenly observing the children around me. Not just my own, but the ones at the gym, down my block and in the stores I frequent. I like imagining what Hannah will be like at whatever age these children happen to be. How will she sound? What will she be like? Book smarts? Sporty? Quiet or extroverted? Will she like to get dirty and will she enjoy fresh vegetables?

She's only four months old, so I have some time before many of these questions will be answered. But that doesn't mean I don't focus on raising her to the best of my abilities, or providing her with opportunity for growth and development. I look at our backyard right now and see so much potential for her to run, play and explore. But for now, we just walk about it talking to trees and listening to the wind and feeling the warmth of the sun. After all, "being active in nature makes kids healthier."

My favorite balloon: "Parents, friends and family are the most influential to youth participation in outdoor activities." As the adults, we are the role models. If you have kids, if you're an auntie or an uncle, or if you frequently hang with your friends' kids, ask yourself if you are setting the right example. It's spring, there isn't any better time to get out there and enjoy Mother Nature.

Anyone up for a game of TV Tag?


Question: What is your favorite outdoor activity? And if you have kids, how do you encourage them to spend more time outdoors?

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