Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Walk This Way (#Infographic)

" this way, just gimme a kiss..."

Come now, who doesn't like Aerosmith? Classic band, one that I appreciate now more than I ever did when they were truly big-time. And there's something about Steven Tyler. Don't get me wrong, he's insane, but I'm oddly drawn to him. Love him on "American Idol," too. I'm not a die-hard fan of the show, but I always tune in to the auditions and I have to say—Steven Tyler entertains me. Almost as much as those poor souls that can't really sing. But that's neither here nor there. This week's Workout Wednesday is clearly about walking.

Take a look at the following, and then I'll give you a workout:

So really, it's perfectly clear that walking produces some serious health benefits. Everyone seems to think that you have to run to really get a good workout, but it's just not true. Some people hate running, but love walking. Some people can't run because of its high-impact nature.

Many of those people are choosing to walk instead, and they aren't getting any less of a workout because of it. 30 minutes, five times a week. That's enough.

So if you need a break from running, or if you need to up your walking game, try the following the next time you lace up. (Note: I kept this workout as general as possible so that it would translate to both the treadmill and the track or sidewalk. Let me know if you have any questions.)

Now, some of you fit folks might look at the above and find it to be less than a challenge.
I offer you this advice:

1) Ask yourself if your "Easy," "Moderate" and "Challenging" speeds need to be increased

2) Add some hills. If you're on a treadmill, this should be easy and I recommend doing so whenever you walk at a "Moderate" speed. Once that becomes comfortable, hit hills during your "Challenging" speeds instead. And if you aren't on a treadmill, see if you can reroute yourself in a way that adds hills to your route. (The kind you have to walk up, not down. Down is too easy!)

3) That five minutes in the middle where you maintain a "Challenging" intervals, switching out a minute of walking at a Challenging speed with a minute of walking lunges. Or jumping jacks. Or even running!

Whatever you do, I don't recommend that you use hand weights. Many people add them to their cardio, but I'm honestly not a fan. I think it puts too much pressure on your upper body. Proper form is still a big part of cardio, and holding weights can certainly affect form.

Oh, and don't forget to cue up some Aerosmith on the 'ol playlist.
You know you want to.

(Hannah and I made it to the gym again today. One hour of walking at a slow-moderate pace. Hooray!)

Question: How much walking do you get done in a day? When you're out running errands, do you try to move at a steadier pace, or do you go slow? Nothing gets my heart rate up like a good shopping/walking session at the mall. Ha!

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Erin said...

Hi Tara, great post. I love to walk and encourage everyone to get outside for at least 10 minutes everyday to move their body and enjoy nature. Hope you and the baby are doing well!

TARA said...

Hi Erin! Isn't nature the best? I wish it was warmer where I live so that I could get out there with the little one...we're doing well, thanks for asking!

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