Monday, February 6, 2012

WIN THIS: Wallie Exercises (A Book For Kids)

Okay, so there are obviously a lot of perks to being a mother. You get to play dress-up with an actual, real-life doll of a person. You get to play with toys and watch cartoons without having to explain yourself. You get to talk in a silly, sing-song voice and not a single person questions your sanity. And you get to read picture books. Lots and lots of picture books. My daughter already has quite the collection...

...most of which are classics from when I was a kid. Heck, some of them are even FROM when I was a kid. But she's too young to read, let alone focus on a page for much longer than a minute (squirmy little thing), so her books sit quietly for right now but I just love looking at them. They remind me of my own collection, right down to the IKEA shelving:

(In case you're wondering, the hubs' books are in the basement. He has what you might call a "cave." I let him put just a few things on my bookshelf. I'm sure you can pick those things out.)

Books are great. They seriously are. Especially this one:

Wallie Exercises is the exact book that all children should be reading. In this day and age, childhood obesity is a huge issue and this book touches on that topic in a very gentle, yet serious way. Wallie, the poor dog, is overweight and lacks energy. But you see him transform from a sluggish mutt to a pouncing pup that understands and appreciates the importance of, well...of simply moving.

It's a great story. Really, it is. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Steve Ettinger understands the importance of a proper warm up and the need for hydration throughout a workout. All of which is integrated into the story in a way that's both educational and entertaining.

You get some pretty awesome illustrations, too:

Makes me wanna get up and go.

But not as much as the suggested exercises at the end of the book. Silly Shark Squats, Wallie Wiggle Wag Walks...if any of my clients are reading this, you know what you'll be doing when I come back to work in a few weeks. Get excited.

And if any of you, dear readers, have kids that might like to read this book...or if there are any teachers out there, babysitters, grandmas and guys should all get excited, too because I have a copy of the book for you. Well, one of you.

Hello, giveaway!

It's the perfect prize for little eyes.

If you want a copy of Wally Exercises by Steve Ettinger, you can purchase one HERE. Or, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Tell me how active (or inactive) the child/children in your life is/are. Please be sure to include your email address in the event that you win—I'll need to contact you for a mailing address.

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Contest ends on Friday, February 10, 2012 at midnight, EST. I will announce the winner on Sunday, February 12, 2012. (Contest open to US residents only. My deepest apologies to everyone else.)


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