Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Running Form

And so, we find ourselves at Sunday. Hooray! 'Course, these days, MY days tend to mesh into each other because I've yet to go back to work. It's so fun being home with a baby! Good thing Hannah gets to come to work with me. I'd miss her so. And she's already been to the nursery at the gym. She basically zonks out in her car seat while all the kiddos run and play around her.

It's only a matter of time.

Speaking of running. Yeah, this girl is doin' it again. I took a few laps around the track on Thursday and again on Saturday. It felt oh, so flippin' good. I stopped running at the beginning of my eighth month of pregnancy. It just got to be too uncomfortable. But I'm back at it, slowly but surely retraining my body to pound pavement like I used to, which brings me to an excellent and appropriate infographic:

Whether you're running marathons or jogging around the block, good form is essential. Bad form leads to injury, and injuries aren't any fun whatsoever. So take a minute to absorb the above so you can recall it next time you lace up.

Are you lacing up for any races anytime soon? I have two that I'd really like to run this year. The Color Run 5K in the Summer and The Hot Chocolate 15K in the Fall. Both of which are in Chicago. I think I can do it, and I'm currently looking for volunteers to show up at both races to hold the following signs for me:

OK, not really. But it'd be funny.

Question: Got any races in your future?

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