Saturday, September 10, 2011

Write for Daily Dose!

I woke up this morning to what an only be described as fall weather. Light rains, falling leaves...chilly temps. It makes me want a sweatshirt and some football—I'm about to get both (well, so long as my favorite Notre Dame sweatshirt still fits me). My boys take on the University of Michigan today, the wolverines, and they do so in the "big house" (whatever). At night. In "throwback" uniforms.

My husband loves Michigan. We live in a house divided.

Blue and gold, Baby. Blue. And. Gold. (Note: If Baby were already here, he/she would be wearing Notre Dame gear. I'm just sayin'.) But Baby is not here yet, though it continues to make it's presence known by kicking away at my internals. Little darn thing woke me up at 7:00AM this morning. I think it was ready for a workout, given my usual early morning workout routine. It's Saturday, precious. Let momma sleep.

Alas, I am up.
And fairly anxious to start the day.
We've been making great progress on the nursery.

Well, Jason is since I can't paint. Fumes and all. Sadly, I love to paint. So while he's knee-deep in it, I'm working my way through the other parts of the house, getting things done before the big game. Aren't Saturdays great? I get so much done on Saturdays.

I anticipate this phenom to go away in a few short months. Four, to be exact. I've been thinking a lot about this blog and what to do with it once the little one arrives. I have no intentions of walking away from it, but I am extremely nervous about finding time to write it. At least in those first few weeks, since I'll be so busy getting Baby on a schedule and adapting to life with someone who depends entirely on me (well, and my husband) for nourishment and support. And if I'm up all night providing just that—I worry that this here blog'll be the last thing I want to attack come daylight. But I also wonder if it'll be a nice little release while Baby snoozes. These things have yet to be determined, but again, I certainly have no intention of neglecting this site. Or you, dear readers.

This is why I'm asking for help.

I've met (virtually, in most cases) a lot of really great people since I launched A Daily Dose of Fit. Some are bloggers themselves, others are not. And some I've known in-person for quite some time. But all of them...all of YOU, dear readers, have such great thoughts, such great responses to some of the topics I've presented. And I know you've got some great ideas, too. So I want to give you a chance to shine. I want to introduce YOU to everyone else. Care to write for Daily Dose? Consider this a request for guest posts.

I cannot pay you, but I can expose you to readers you might not otherwise have had. Or I can simply give you a chance to see your thoughts and words on the Internet (if you don't currently have a blog or website to promote—really, it's fun). And I won't schedule anything to post until later in December, most definitely January and beyond, depending on how many submissions I get. So that gives you ample time to come up with something. (I debated whether to bring this up now or later, but there are some pretty significant holidays peppered throughout the upcoming months, so I figured the timing was right.) Here's how it works:

It's truly that simple, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me with those, too. I'm really hoping to expose you guys to each other. You are all so great! And of course, I'm really very grateful for your help in this crazy new chapter of my life!

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