Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surprise! I can still run 9 miles.

So I just uploaded a bunch of pictures. I forgot about this little gem:

I don't know who put this sign on top of the sound deck in our fitness studio, but I think it's hilarious. In fact, one of the ladies in my Circuit Sculpt class asked if she could just move it to the front of her mat because, well...she wasn't in the mood to exercise, I guess! We all have those days, and we all whine through them. I woke up yesterday and felt no need whatsoever to join my mom and sister on a 9-mile run, and I told them as much. "I seriously am just not into this right now," I said as we drove to our starting point.

The problem: I didn't get any runs in all week. (Not good for the Shamrock Shuffle goals, I know.) I typically run on Tuesdays, but I had to sub a Cross Training class this week so I opted not to in the name of exhaustion avoidance. I typically run on Thursdays but opted to take a Spin class instead because I finally had a window in my schedule that would allow me to.

A 9-mile run? Lordy, was I ever going to suck wind.

But...surprise! I didn't, and it actually felt really good. I haven't pounded out such a distance since 2009 when I trained (and ran) the Chicago Half Marathon. Turns out, my body remembers all that hard work. I think it's true! And I think all the cardio I'm doing in my Circuit Sculpt class has really helped to condition my lungs for some hard work. Lesson of the story: No whining (obvi), and sometimes you just have to have faith in your body. Believe in yourself, friends! Don't quit, don't give up simply because you've lost track of time, workouts or whatevs. Dig deep, breathe deep and go. Go and go like we did yesterday morning from mile one to mile nine. The proof:

And now I'll give you my other thought for the day:

I think that fitness magazines and catalogs should take a look at real people running real miles. Or real people in real fitness classes. I don't know about you, but I don't run in a full face of makeup with lovely locks of hair all perfectly positioned in ponytails down my back. I sweat, therefore I don't wear makeup. I sweat, therefore I really don't care about my hair. And clearly, no matter what they try to imply, I won't ever look like the beautiful ladies they photograph just because I try this workout or that, or because I buy this shirt or that. Know what I mean? Show me a sweaty, stinky woman and I'll know for sure that she's working her butt off, or that the clothes she's wearing stand up to sweat and movement.

Yeah, basically I look like crap in the picture above. I love it anyways.

Be sure to check in tomorrow. I've got another really awesome giveaway planned. Seriously, it's good. (I hope you're not sick of giveaways. I'm all about sharing wonderful products that I fully believe in. That's cool, right?) 

Question: In what ways has your body surprised you?


Sheila said...

Way to power on!!!!

Tara said...

Amazing run!! I love when my body surprises me. My body surprised me when I started running again after cross training due to an injury. I didn't lose much fitness at all!

I also wanted to let you know that for whatever reason my computer wouldn't let me comment on your blog, but I have been reading. I had to download google chrome to make it work. It's all good now!

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