Thursday, April 14, 2011

I could walk for miles.

Ahhhh, yes. Now THIS feels like spring:

The sun has been shining brightly up here in Michigan, and although the temperatures are on the chilly end of things, I am loving it. I've tucked away my winter jackets, and have since welcomed with open arms my light spring coats, my capri pants and certainly all of this sunshine. I'll take sunshine over the steady falling of snow any day. Even if I can't quite wear my shorts and tanks yet. And while I realize that springtime in Michigan can change with the blink of an eye, I fully intend to embrace every second of it that Mother Nature currently chooses to send my way.

It looks to be another beauty today, an exact repeat of yesterday. Dare I snag yet another walk along my favorite pathway through town? I traveled it twice this week. Once by myself, once with a fellow trainer and her two lovely pups.

Pics from my solo adventure:

Two truly unexplainable thumbs up, but I'll take the encouragement. I'll take cheesy self portraits, too.

They turn out much better when you're walking versus when you're running. Yes, I gave up the running this week. It's funny—I think my feet were a bit confused. Don't get me wrong, I walk at a pretty quick clip. But obviously not as fast as I run, which left my feet longing for more speed. It's as if I was walking on my toes, ready to take off at a moment's notice. I think they got distracted by the view.

The path along the beach still suffers from winter's blowing winds, but it was nice to see blue skies over a semi-blue lake. Sand overflows onto the sidewalk. I welcome it at this point, the alternative (snow) is unacceptable! I welcome being able to get back outside for some fresh fitness. Sometimes I just detest the treadmill. It can be very uninspiring. And stale.

Stale fitness is never a good thing.

39 minutes and 39 seconds of fresh fitness...wonderful. A meal made from pork and peppers?

Also quite wonderful. I found the recipe in Cooking Light, and really—it's no recipe at all. I'm not the world's biggest pork fan, but I found some lean cuts at the grocery store (and I am quite convinced chicken would work, too). All you do is pan fry said cuts in olive oil, add some peppers and fresh garlic, plus a few shakes of ground pepper and dried basil...well, the original recipe calls for rosemary, but I didn't have any. Also anchovies, but I don't like them. Finally, just drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar over the mixture and [insert fingertip kiss here]. Done. Divine. Delish.

And now, I must pull myself away from this here computer in anticipation of another great spring day. At least that's what I am hoping for.

Question: How does your fitness change when the weather warms up?

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Erin said...

Hi Tara, great post - I love the pictures.

Since my gym is in the basement I hate working out inside when it's sunny and warm so I try to get outside as much as possible.

I LOVE long walks (I live 2 blocks from the ocean), hiking and playing tennis with my boyfriend and bike riding on paved trails.

Have an awesome day and I hope you enjoy the sun!

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