Sunday, April 24, 2011

And the winner is...

Congratulations, Kathryn! And a very Happy Easter to you—and to everyone else, too! Thanks for participating, this was by far one of my most popular giveaways. That doesn't surprise me, though. Pure bars are quite delicious. If you didn't win, treat yourself to the bar of your choice next time you hit the grocery store. It'll be the best buck or two you've spent in a long time. I promise! Besides, it's Easter. Treats are a must. You've earned it!

My treat of choice at this time of year?

Do little baby bunnies truly sound like chirping chicks?

Back up for a second. It would be more appropriate to call these tasty guys a "guilty pleasure" rather than a "treat of choice". There's something about these Cadbury Mini Eggs that gets me every single time. They're so much better than M&Ms! (There...I said it.) While it's true that I prefer the dark chocolate version, they're hard to come by and so the milk chocolate version stands in quite nicely.

I found a little single-serving bag at the drugstore on Friday.

Such a good thing I did NOT have to purchase the big bag in order to get my fix. Even so, I managed to walk away having eating only three.

Although Lent has passed and I am now free to consume sweets as often as I'd like to, I am still going to attempt to exercise serious restraint. Sweets are, after all, my guilty pleasure.

It's true that we have to allow ourselves guilty pleasures. Life is too short to continuously restrict ourselves. And remember, not all guilty pleasures are of the food variety. Guilty pleasures are simply things that distract you from your goals, or from other more important aspects of your life. Or perhaps they just put a smile on your face on an otherwise dull and dreary day. Some of my guilty pleasures include:

1) Sweets. More specifically, Cadbury Mini Eggs. Preferably the dark chocolate version. Oh, heck...I'll take the dark chocolate version of anything, really. It's my drug of choice. Must. Conquer. Addiction. Once and for all.

2) Us Weekly. I mean, really? Do I seriously need to know everything there is to know about every celebrity out there? I could throw away hours reading the Us Weekly website. Don't judge me, but I could.

3) Almond Butter. I can't stop eating it. This you already know. I need not expand.

4) Dr. Pepper...but I very rarely ever drink it. Although I did have a glass of it just yesterday. And by "glass," I mean two sips of it from the grocery store fountain after I had already downed a full glass of water. And those two sips will hold me over for another three, maybe four months. At which point another craving will kick in and I'll inevitably cave to it. Call me human.

5) Gossip Girl. Lord help me. This is the cheesiest television show I have ever seen, and yet...I cannot stop watching it. I'm totally enthralled by the characters, their love triangles, the drama and the fights. Oh, and the fashion. Yeah, we'll just say I watch it for the fashion.

Anyways, the moral of the story: don't forget to enjoy the things you love most, however trivial they may be. It's all about moderation. And perspective. Remember that guilty pleasures are not everyday necessities, just little tidbits of flavor and fun meant to enhance life when life needs some enhancement. Pick-me-ups.


Question: What are some of your guilty pleasures? How do you incorporate them into your fit life?

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