Friday, August 20, 2010

Free yoga classes!

I'm still trying to decide if yoga is for me. I think I like it, but the strength trainer within me wants more. Which is why I like pilates. I feel the burn every time! But since I remain unconvinced that yoga isn't for me, I continue to give it a try. And with YogaDownload, I can do so without cost. This comprehensive yoga site offers a number of free 20-minute downloads, complete with vocal and visual instructions. I tested Core Yoga #1 and found it to be a burner—hooray! Longer sessions are available, but you'll have to pay the price (literally speaking). Poke around, see what you think.

Question: Do you like yoga? Why or why not?


Tammy said...

I never feel like I'm doing it right and thus never feel like it's a workout.

Unknown said...

Okay, ladies, you haven't found the right yoga studio and/or instructor. You need power yoga and it needs to be 60+ minutes. Have you ever had to hold a downward dog for a long time after doing multiple vinyasas or a chair pose after 45 minutes of class is already over? It's painful. And if they don't turn the AC on then you're dripping sweat. Literally, dripping! I love it, and would do it much more often if the times at my gym were more fitting for my schedule. Who wants to workout at 8 pm and who is off work by 4? Not me!

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