Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ten Fittest Cities in America

Does your hometown have a lot of parks? How about primary care physicians? Do you notice your neighbors biking or walking to work every day? These factors are on a list of 30 and they were all studied by the American Council of Sports Medicine using "scientific evidence, expert opinion and statistical methodologies." The resulting American Fitness Index Report clearly defines our country's fittest cities.

Coming in at #1 for the third year in a row—Washington, DC. And last, but certainly not least, Oklahoma City. What's in between? Take a look:

2) Boston, MA
3) Minneapolis, MN
4) Seattle, WA
5) Portland, OR
6) Denver, CO
7) Sacramento, CA
8) San Francisco, CA
9) Hartford, CT
10) Austin, TX

Other noteworthy cities include Orlando (#19), Chicago (#33), Indianapolis (#44), Detroit (#47) and Los Angeles (#38). Even though they aren't high on the list, I bet you can certainly find a large number of fit people living there. The report is meant to encourage, not discourage. If you live in one of the cities on the lower end of the spectrum, I urge you to do your part in promoting good health and fitness practices. Every last bit counts for you—and clearly for the city in which you live.

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