Thursday, February 16, 2017

Running shoes that look like boots? Yes, I want them (because I love @Saucony shoes).

I'm a girl, so I like shoes. Most girls are born this way, it's just a thing (in case you didn't know, but I'm sure you did). I mean, shoes are fun. They are highly functional accessories and we need more than one pair because, well...we just do. No two pairs of shoes are alike. Unless, of course, they are exactly alike:

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I am obsessed with my Saucony Kinvara 7 running shoes. I've clocked miles in a variety of different brands and styles, but these...oh, these Kinvaras are my jam. Never in my life have I purchased a second pair of the exact same running shoes. Theory? There are so many running shoes out there and I want to try them all! Except I like the Kinvaras, and I needed new shoes.

Also, this particular pair matches the color scheme of Daily Dose, so yeah.

Needless to say, I like Saucony shoes.
I had a pair of Triumph 10 running shoes once.
They were great, too.

Now, I'm bouncing around in a pair of Saucony Kineta Relay shoes.

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Technically speaking, they are a neutral running shoe. But realistically, I think they're more of a training shoe. Or a "these are cute and fashionable and go with my athleisure look" shoe.

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I bought them to wear when I'm working. (Translation: Training clients and teaching classes.) My running buddy is also a huge Saucony fan, and this is what he wears when he's working. (Translation: Training clients and teaching classes.) So I trusted his opinion and bought them because I also thought they were pretty cute.

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Guys, they're ridiculously comfortable. Super light weight, breathable mesh upper, and a memory foam insole that gives your foot everything it needs.

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My only complaint? Not a lot of lateral support, and my running buddy agrees. My foot slides a little from left to right, which is something I notice mostly when I'm doing shuffles or lateral lunges, etc. I think this is a testament to the breathable upper, which is very sock-like.

If you're looking for an everyday runaround workout shoe that's also cute, I'd still recommend the Saucony Kineta Relay. There are a wide variety of colors and styles out there, too.

Speaking of styles.
These shoes literally come in a boot version, too.
Behold, the Saucony Kineta Relay Boot:

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I want.

I go to and from the gym all the time, and in the Winter, it's kind of a pain to shift from boots to gym shoes. I like that these function as both, so if I'm running late and need to meet a client, I can technically wear these on the gym floor.

Full disclosure, I have yet to try them on, but I recently ran a race and saw a spectator wearing them. She loved them, and recommended them. So they're on my list.

Other Saucony shoes on my list, because i'm obsessed with the brand:

running shoes, saucony, kinvara, fitness, fashion
1) Freedom ISO
2) Kinvara 8
3) Endorphin Racer 2
4) Type A

Now, I just need to find a way to justify purchasing all of them because I still have two racks full of gym shoes in the basement. (Translation: Because I can't bring myself to throw away the cute ones, even though they're blown out.) I mean, they're still sorta comfortable! Nikes and Mizunos and New Balances and Reeboks, oh my!

Friendly reminder...I'm a girl. We like shoes.

The end.

Question: What's your shoe brand of choice? Do you have a hard time getting rid of gym shoes?

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