Tuesday, February 28, 2017

30-Minute Barre Workout You Can Do At Home

Are you looking for a quick and effective at-home workout? If so, I have one for you: It's a 30-minute barre workout you can do at home, or anywhere, with or without equipment. Barre workouts move quick and target your major and minor muscle groups simultaneously. I teach barre classes twice a week, and like to incorporate non-traditional barre moves, too. Pulsing, pointing and tucking...sure, this workout does that, too.

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If you're new to barre workouts, or are coming off a medical issue, please consult with your physician before trying this workout. I am an ACE-certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, but haven't talked to you individually. While this workout is fine for most, it might not work for you. Listen to your body.

Now, for the workout. When I teach Barre Fit at the gym, I typically grab 5-, 8- or 10-pound weights. I don't have a wide variety of weights at home (believe it or not), but I do have these little 1.5-pounders I got at IDEA World a few years ago:

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Whatever works, right? If you don't have weights, your challenge changes: It's less about moving around weights, and more about harnessing the power of your muscles to contract in a way that leaves them challenged.

If that doesn't work for you, remember that any movement is better than no movement at all. Here's the actual workout:

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As noted, you'll need to warm up and cool down appropriately. As for the guts of the workout, you'll do (15) repetitions per exercise, completing the entire circuit (2-3X) through. Maybe more if you want a longer workout.

Here's a video with a shortened version of the entire workout so you can see each move in action:

Some form cues:

1) Knee Pull
Be sure to put your weight into your standing leg, pushing the hips out behind you a little to protect the knee. Be sure to contract your abs as you pull your knee up.

2) Plank to Down Dog w/ Alternating Ankle Taps
If downward facing dog isn't part of your fitness, flip yourself onto your back and connect hands and ankles above your belly. Note: In either situation, touching your ankle isn't a requirement. Using your abdominals to move through the exercise is most important!

3) Front Abductions to Reverse Fly
Note the position of the palms: Facing up toward the ceiling! This increases the intensity of the exercise, and can be modified by rotating the palms toward the ground instead. Try to keep your elbows as close to straight as possible.

4) Wide Squat with Alternating Hip Pulls
As you rotate your hip inward, really pull with your inner thigh muscles. If, however, you've had any type of hip surgery, you will need to consult with your physician before trying this exercises. Rotational restrictions may exist for you.

5) Low Plank with Double Knee Taps
It may look like a modified plank, but it's not! Lightly tap your knees to floor, using every ounce of your legs (quads, glutes, hams) to return back to your plank positing. Also, fight to keep your hips in line with the rest of your body!

Any questions? Reach out: tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) com.

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Question: Do you exercise at home or at a gym/fitness studio? What is your go-to at-home workout? 

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