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What is dynamic-fluid resistance training? (plus, a @HedstromFitness Surge and Kamagon Ball review)

The following post is sponsored by Hedstrom Fitness via my partnership with Fit Approach. I am also a Hedstrom Fitness ambassador. In addition to compensation, I was given free product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

The fitness industry is constantly changing, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. New studies are giving us fresh takes on health and wellness, while new and improved equipment is revolutionizing the way we train. Additionally, new trends are keeping us motivated to move. Hedstrom Fitness falls into all three of these categories, and they're doing it with some unique fitness equipment: The Surge and the Kamagon Ball, both of which embrace the concept of dynamic fluid resistance training.

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
What is dynamic-fluid resistance training? First, let's step back and discuss strength training in general. Think about machines and barbells with weight plates. One thing they share in common: Stability. I'm not saying this classic way of training is bad, not at all. But I am saying they don't always challenge your core as much as they could. You all know how important your core is, right? Center from which all movement originates? Yeah, next question. Make it harder. I know.

You can definitely challenge yourself with machines and bars, but when you add dynamic-fluid resistance training—you'll fire up every last fiber of your core more than ever before. In fact, it's not just your core that will take the test. Dynamic-fluid resistance training changes the way your muscles respond to the task at hand. As in, they can never truly relax into an exercise because they have to stand alert to the ways in which the equipment will move—because, in essence, it will constantly be in motion.

Dynamic-fluid resistance training is exactly as it sounds: Resistance training using water that moves. The Surge is a giant tube filled with water. The Kamagon is a medicine ball filled with water. And in both cases, the water inside is always moving around. Sand in a sandbag will eventually settle, but water physically cannot. Hedstrom Fitness harnessed this power in the Surge and the Kamagon, both of which create resistance via motion. Translation: This fitness equipment is hard to control, which makes for a really great workout.

Today, I have an example of one such workout. One circuit, five moves, done five times through. (:30) per exercise in each set. Give yourself a (:15) breather in between each exercise. The weight of the Surge and Kamagon depends largely on how much water you put into it. The big surge I am using weights 30 pounds. The little one, 15 pounds. The Kamagon ball weights 10 pounds. (FYI, it's really easy to change this up if you have access to water.)

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
Before I get to the guts of the workout, please let me say this: Consult your physician before trying anything new, or if you have any questions about the appropriateness of the exercises or the equipment itself. Safety first. You know your body. Listen to and honor it.

Squat to Shoulder Press
Two traditional moves combine to create one challenging exercise. As the water moves around inside the Surge, the intensity of the overhead press will increase twofold.

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
Reverse Lunge with Oblique Twist
Step back, twist, step together and repeat. Alternate as you go. Keep your core tight. Fight the moving water at all times to challenge your muscles AND protect your low back.

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
Bent Rows
One of my absolute favorite exercises! I love the way the Surge makes it feel completely different. Pay extra attention to the space between your shoulders. Fight to keep your spine straight!

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
If this challenging core exercise isn't in your fitness routine, try moving one leg at a time. Either way, fight for good form as you lift and lower the Kamagon ball.

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise

Biceps Curls
Another classic exercise that feels completely different with the Surge! If you use the bigger of the two surges, two different handle styles give you the option to perform regular biceps curls OR hammer-style biceps curls. Whatever works! Make note of the shifting water within. Fight to keep it steady!

Hedstrom Fitness, Surge, Kamagon Ball, fitness equipment, workout, exercise
I know, I know...but what if you don't have a Surge or Kamagon? You can get one HERE. Use SPHF25 at checkout from January 20 thru February 28, 2017. You'll save 25%. Valid in the US and Canada. OR, if purchasing new equipment isn't in your budget right now, try the above with a body bar, medicine ball, hand weights or maybe even nothing at all!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, too. I'll be having some fun with the Surge and Kamagon, that's for sure! Check back next Friday for another workout!

Question: What's your favorite piece of fitness equipment? Have any experience with dynamic-fluid resistance training?

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