Saturday, January 14, 2017

Accountability Partners: What are they? Do you need one?

January is here, ringing in 2017 with a gust of snow and a list of new fitness, health and happiness goals otherwise known as resolutions. No matter what yours are, you will undoubtedly attack them with everything you’ve got. Right? Yes…but let’s be honest with each other. There will be moments when you falter or fail completely. So you need to get yourself an accountability partner.

What is an accountability partner?

It's a friend. A counterpart. Someone you can trust, turn to and support in return. An accountability partner keeps you open, honest and moving toward your goals. When the going gets tough for you, your accountability partner sets in motion the motivation you need to get right back on track toward everything you are trying to achieve.

You might think you have plenty of friends, a good spouse, maybe an excellent set of coworkers that you can always turn to in times of need. That’s great! They can be there for you—but an accountability partner is different.

An accountability partner is someone you’ve trusted with your fitness, health and happiness goals. They are your point person. This is someone you turn to and say, “hey…I’m doing this, so please yell at me if I stop…let me check in, and definitely ask me how I’m doing.” And they will absolutely do all of that for you. And you, in return, might do the same for them.

Do you need an accountability partner?

If you set very specific goals that you absolutely, without a doubt want to achieve, then the answer is very simple: Yes, you need an accountability partner.

If you’ve tried to achieve these same goals already, but have have failed or faltered before achieving the end result you desire, then you need an accountability partner.

If you don’t know how to achieve your goals, then you need a very specific type of accountability partner to guide you down the right path of success—but who is that person? Who can be your accountability partner?

A personal trainer or group fitness instructor, if you have fitness goals. A registered dietitian or nutritionist, if you have weight loss goals.

If your goals are a little less specific, maybe it’s someone shooting for the same moon and stars. Or, simply speaking, maybe it’s just that one person you know that will absolutely throw your excuses (all of them) out of the window.

An accountability partner, above all, is someone you can trust. Someone you can turn to for help. Beyond a doubt, it should be someone who is really, really good at motivating you. Goals are meant to be achieved, and sometimes we need a little help achieving them. Take a look at your goals, then decide how you plan to achieve them. Choose an accountability partner—hey, you might even need a different person for each goal!—and let the magic happen.

If I can help in any way: tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) com!

Question: Who is your accountability partner?

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