Saturday, December 26, 2015

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, Vol. 11

Are you in a cookie-induced coma? Perhaps there are still presents under your tree. Whatever you've got planned for today, it's Saturday and you're bound to do some relaxing (I hope). In case you want to zone out with a cup of coffee (or maybe some wine, if you're reading this later), I present to you some links from the Internet that will take you to some fairly interesting articles. At least, they were to me.

1) Here's a solid tip: Instead of focusing on the elimination of unhealthy habits, you should focus on adding healthy habits to your life. Read the article, it just makes sense.

2) I bought a Kate Spade planner in August that will carry me through 2016, but that's not stopping me from wanting every single planner on this list of small and stylish planners. #plannerjunkie

3) I love the treadmill. Except not really. So I can totally relate to the 17 stages of running on a treadmill. For the most part, anyway.

4) We fit geeks love our gear, right? Check out this list of cool products from The Running Event, which is apparently an industry show that tells running stores what to stock. #takemethere

5) Roasted garlic mac and cheese. Need I say more?

6) How often do you use sliders at the gym? We have them in our studios and I always...literally, always forget about them. But they are so versatile, and so good and making muscles burn. So I'm loving this list of 31 bodyweight exercises using sliders.

7) Does anyone else spend an arm and a leg on groceries? Seriously, so expensive. Seems like all the cheap stuff is unhealthy, except it isn't. Read: How to save money on groceries and stay healthy.

8) Wanna know how to be happier? Here are 25 ways.

9) Did you know that there's a right way to wash your face? I didn't, either.

10) These peppermint baked donuts look like everything I've ever wanted.

Oh, and speaking of links, you should totally check out my Link Love page. I've updated it with some of the sites I can't go without. It's a work in progress, so check back often!

Question: What's on the agenda for you today? Anything fun? Tell me!

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