Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Collect Fitness Moments #dishthefit

I am insanely busy right now. Case and point: Double shift at work today.

Fitting it night hours at the gym is hard because of the kids and Jason's schedule. Hence, "insanely" busy. But it's such a stupid thing to say because, well...aren't we all insanely busy? It's become somewhat of an existence validator. As if you're not living unless you're busy. We ask each other how our lives have been and what do we say in response?

"Oh, life is good. Busy...but good."

I think we should all stop being busy.
I think we should start getting back in touch with our lives.

For example: When I run, I find that I forget to focus on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. I often get lost in the miles. In making sure I run them, one right after the another. This is not necessarily a bad thing, per se. But this weekend, I got about four miles into my long run when I felt everything sync. Despite the podcast, despite the cars zooming down the street next to my sidewalk. Despite being thirsty and not having my water bottle...I felt everything sync up. Every step was rhythmic and it felt good.

I had gotten in touch with what I was doing.
I was present and accounted for in my activity of choice.

It was a moment that reminded me to stop (figuratively, of course) and take note.
To really enjoy this combo of working hard and being outside and doing what I love.

It was a reminder that I need to do more of this "be present" thing.

How can you collect moments?
More specifically, how can you collect fitness moments?

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1) Take out your earbuds.
If you rely on it and/or your music to get you through a workout, leave it behind once or twice and use that time to really focus on what you're doing. And what your workout is making you feel. You might surprise yourself and actually, honestly recognize your advances (and then you won't have to mistakenly beat yourself up for not making them).

2) Don't make it about winning.
This is especially true when you're running a race. Forget about the other participants and worry about yourself. Run against yourself. Because if you can beat yourself, or at least feel yourself making that attempt, you won't soon forget the outcome. Or if you can take the game out completely and just enjoy the environment in which you are a participant, then you'll really absorb what's going on around you.

3) Experiment.
Ruts stink, so don't get stuck in one. Expand your horizons and sign up for a new fitness class, or enlist a trainer for some new exercise ideas. You never know when you'll discover your next great fitness love. And, who knows, you might make a new friend along the way. Because despite the hard work and goals and schedules, fitness can and should be fun. Grasp that and you'll do much better.

Curious about this topic? Find out more about living in the moment from today's #dishthefit link-up.

Question: How do you collect moments? Do you have a fitness moment that means so much to you?


Jessica Durfee said...

Sounds like an amazing run you had recently, and I really appreciate you sharing this perspective. I have been using my workout time to multitask a little too often, when I really should just enjoy the experience. Going for a run sounds heavenly right now, it's such a great way to 'sync up' like you said. Such an incredible feeling to just feel all together, in the moment. Loved this post! Thanks Tara. #fitfamlove

jillconyers said...

I love "collect fitness moments"! I'm working on the stop being busy and changing my focus from strive to thrive. Easier said than done. Thanks for linking up with the #fitfam!

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