Sunday, March 22, 2015

A @MomentumJewelry Discount and Some #linklove

A Daily Dose of Fit is my creative outlet. I don't write it for page views or profit. I don't write it for free products. Yes, those things have come my way, but in the end—I write this blog to share my experience and expertise with you as it pertains to living the fit life in the midst of a crazy, hectic life. I've always been very honest with you about this. And about the fact that I only accept profits and product if I truly believe in them and/or what they represent. Or if I'm insanely curious. Because if I can investigate something for you, then I will.

Strict standars, I have them. And I stand by them.

Which is why you should believe me when I say that Momentum Jewelry is pretty friggin' awesome. I had the chance to review their products last year and absolutely fell in love. Great quality, great company. So happy to be one of their newest ambassadors.

Yes, they sent me a box of goodies.
And yes, I can get you a discount.

Note: I receive a portion of all sales made using the link in this post. I speak the truth when I say that it's not the profit I am interested in. I truly love Momentum, and am happy to help you get some in your life at a discounted price. 

More on that later.
Let's talk about reading.

I really need to finish a book that was due back to the library on Saturday. While I'm working on that, you might want to work on these:

1) These eight weight loss tips inspired by kids are legit.

2) My husband loves enchiladas. I love veggie burgers. Are enchilada veggie burgers our perfect food?

3) How much do you sweat when you exercise? Me...buckets when I teach Spinning, for sure. But I don't care because sweat is empowering.

4) One of my biggest pet peeves on race day: When walkers don't pay attention to runners. So let's take a minute and review race day etiquette.

5) This year is well underway, and I'm curious about those fitness goals you set for yourself way back in January. How's it going? Not well? You might be thinking about fitness all wrong.

6) Are you looking for advice that will change your life? Greatest asked 25 experts for the one piece that worked for them.

7) Spring is officially here, but Winter lingers. My skin is wicked dry. One thing I haven't tried: DIY body and bath products.

8) My daughter and I both love a good PBJ. You can bet we'll be trying out these eight epic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

9) My IT band has been good to me lately. I've been stretching like mad in all of my classes. And rolling. But apparently, foam rolling and the IT band don't necessarily go together.

10) Do you know how to pronounce these fashion labels?

Question: What's your take on sweat? Do you hate sweating? Do you feel like it's empowering?

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