Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Try Something New: Essential Oils. #dishthefit

When I was sick over the holidays, I asked for ways to combat the crap. How could I fight the flu without traditional medicine? As a breastfeeding momma, I had to consider all of the options because the obvious options weren't necessarily the right ones for me at that point. A number of you suggested that I try essential oils. Admittedly, I didn't...but it got me thinking about them even more than I already had been. And when you think about things deeply, you start noticing them everywhere. So when Shannon posted an article about 21 Drops, I took it as a sign and reached out to the company to see if they'd be willing to send out a sample.

Why 21 Drops? Well, their whole look and feel is awesome, for starters, and I'm an advertising girl so that stuff works on me. Aside from that, their line of essential oils is incredibly approachable for someone that's clueless—I seriously have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to essential oils. Like, I have no clue what works for what, how much to use and when, or what to combine to get the most out of the whole experience. #clueless

21 Drops answered all of those questions without me really having to ask them. They don't sell individual oils, they sell blends that address specific needs. So essentially (pardon the pun), you shop by issue instead of oil (if that makes sense). They let me pick out one blend, and I went with Sleep.

I have two kids. Hannah is working on making it through the night without her Pull-Up, and Evan is teething. So, you know. A solid night's sleep is not a guarantee right now—I'm not complaining about that, just so we're clear.

Sleep is important. Really important.

It's when our bodies take what we've done to it all day and prepare for what's ahead when morning strikes again. I tell my daughter she has to go to bed so she can get energy for [insert tomorrow's activity here]. I'm not lying to her, that's for sure. You know what a good night's sleep feels like. And probably what going without one feels like, too.

Aside from the kid factor, there's also this:

We're currently redoing our bedroom, so it's in a sad state of affairs. (There's no bed-making in this house right now, because what's the point—our room is not tranquil and serene, it's pretty much not even clean. In fact, it's a pit and no freshly made bed can fix that. It's all for good reason, yes. But still.

This is why I'm trying to take bedtime seriously right now. And once again, why I decided to incorporate some essential oils into my nightly routine.

Here's what my little bottle of Sleep can do for me, according to the 21 Drops website:

Inside that little bottle is a mix of Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang, all mixed up in organic Jojoba Oil. Six drops on each wrist, your neck and your temples and you're good to go. So that's what I've been doing. And honestly, I think it's working.

Placebo effect? Maybe.
Maybe not.

Whenever I use it, I wake up feeling rested (even if the kids get me up once or twice). So since it can't hurt me, I'm going to keep it in my nightly rotation of products. And I'm contemplating a mix for daytime use. Calm, to be specific. Because it's "one to keep close by and use when the craziness starts" which is, like...all the time, right?

Note: I still want to get some tea tree and lavender oils to make that yoga mat spray I linked to awhile back. I can only imagine how good it smells (and how dirty my yoga mat is).

Question: What essential oils do you use and why? 


jillconyers said...

I love lavender! Now I need to check out the yoga mat cleaner info.Thanks for sharing a link.

adailydoseoffit said...

You're welcome! It sounds so much better than the chemical cleaners most gyms have, right?!

Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch said...

Way to give it a try, and I don't think it's a placebo. If anything, it helps you breath deeper. And thank you, I forgot we had some essential oils in our cupboard that I really should be using. DOH! And I def appreciate beautiful advertising too. : ) Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

adailydoseoffit said...

You are welcome, ha! What oils are you using? I'm curious!

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