Monday, October 27, 2014

Feedly Finds, Vol. 9 #linklove

I can't keep up with life right now. Seriously, my list of things to get done fills up an entire page in my (full-size) notebook, and I could probably even extend it to another page if I got super serious about everything that needs to get done. But I'm trying to stay focused on that which is most important. So clearly, my family and my job are getting most of my attention (in that order) right now, which leaves little room for blogging. But I'm incapable of completely ignoring a to-do list.

And obviously my to-do list has items on it that are directly related to Daily Dose because, obviously. So I'm here today with one of my favorite posts to write each month: Links that I'm loving from my Feedly and elsewhere on the Internet. Some are old, some are new. I think they're all cool.

1) I do what I can to eat healthy, and when my kid started to eat anything other than my own milk, I got borderline obsessive about buying all the right things for her. And then I realized how hard it was going to be to completely shelter her from the junk. I mean, call me a hypocrite when I won't let her eat the good (translation = bad) fruit snacks, but I'll give myself a sugar bomb latte from Starbucks. So now, I'm much more relaxed about it. Like this mom. Because we all have to just do what we can, when we can and let the rest fall into place.

2) Exercise is not war on the body. You don't have to destroy yourself in order to see fitness and health gains at the gym. Here's why.

3) When I was packing for the Grand Rapids Marathon relay, I seriously contemplated cutting up an old pair of knee-high socks to create a pair of arm sleeves. Clearly I'm behind in my Feedly reading, because post-race, I read the post I just linked you to and it gave me instant regret. #nexttime

4) I'm pretty sure Fall clothing is my favorite. (That green coat, though. Want, need.)

5) An edible coffee cup?! WANT. (Also, so guilty of not bringing my own cup to 'bucks.)

6) Whenever I meet with new clients or introduce people to the fitness equipment, they...mostly the women...always say, "well...I just want to tone up. I don't need to, like, build muscle." Sorry, what? Let's talk about the difference between toning muscle and building muscle.

And elsewhere on the Internet, because my Safari app looks like this:

Seriously, I have no less than 20 pages open in my app at any given time because I never have time and/or get interrupted when I'm trying to read, so there they sit. And here they are:

1) I'm not going to lie, nor am I going to be embarrassed by the fact that I geek out over pumpkin at this time of year. From candles to cake to lattes, give it all to me now (please). So when POPSUGAR posted a recipe for pumpkin-based protein balls, I mean... #yesplease

2) I'm teaching PiYo Live, and will soon be teaching a barre-based class. Which means my Yoga mat is seeing a ton of action right now. So I should probably make this tea tree/lavender oil spray to keep it germ free.

3) Yes, I know I have a toddler.

4) I went to Trader Joe's this weekend because God planted one right by an out-of-town bridal shower I went to. And even though I'm trying to curb my sugar intake, I still walked away with a tub of chocolate covered s'more things. #fail so bad. So I really need more articles like this one that details how to kick a sugar addiction because clearly I have one.

5) As most basements are, ours is filled with stuff that should really just be tossed. Like bags of bags. Shopping bags. Because you never know when you'll need one. But a few months ago, I tossed a bunch of them into the recycling bin. Including some from Tiffany. Because when you get jewelry from Tiffany, you keep the bag. And the box. Because the box is awesome (here's why).

6) I really love this new #strongHER campaign that ACE is promoting. If you don't follow them on Facebook, you should. They post a lot of great articles, like this one that explains why women should hit the weights.

So tomorrow, we talk about the new Mizuno Wave Rider 18 running shoes. #lovethem

Question: Just curious and totally random, all you MAC users out there, Air or MacBook for blogging/general internet use/mild photo editing? I currently use a desktop MAC but want more portability. Just wondering what your thoughts are because obviously anything portable would be a sub-computer in terms of storage and program use. Like, I wouldn't need to load everything on it. Anyway. Go...


Kara Cullen said...

I've been spraying my yoga mat with a combination of sweet orange, tea tree, and lavender oil, mixed with water. Because piyo makes me sweat!! :) Love the way it smells! I ordered an essential oil kit from amazon for under $20, great deal, because those oils can get expensive!! Excited to see what the barre based class will be!

adailydoseoffit said...

I thought I smelled something awesome at the end of PiYo...definitely wasn't me, that's for sure. Ha! Barre will be on Wednesdays, right before Michelle's class! Details to come. Should be fun! (Might incorporate some PiYo moves...)

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