Saturday, October 5, 2013

@TheColorRun in #SouthBend was the #happiest5k ever.

Bucket list item:


I have always wanted to participate in The Color Run, but distance has kept me from doing so. Until this weekend because it came to my hometown. Hooray! I signed up last weekend knowing it would be a great time, and it was—I always have a great time running with my mom and sister.

But seriously, despite a hot shower and some heavy duty scrubbing, I've still got color in places that I didn't know could even be hit with it! But, before all that happened, I looked like this:

And, well...this:

I'm usually not a sweatband person, but when in Rome:

Once we all got started, we settled into a nice fun run. The Color Run isn't competitive at all, and it was actually nice to be running without a clock. So different than my last race! In fact, I'd say there were equal parts runners and walkers, maybe even more walkers.

It didn't take us long to get all covered up in color:

By the end, we were complete disasters of color.

But the fun doesn't stop when you cross the finish line at The Color Run. They give you packets full of color, and they tell you to keep them for organized color throws. We, of course, opened a few of ours before that.

By this time, my camera was pretty covered in colored dust, so I chose to stay on the sidelines while my mom and sister gathered with the crowd for the big color throw.

So. Much. Fun.

Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity, do not pass this event by. Even if you think you can't complete a 5K (see above). Just know this:

1) You'll need some sunglasses to keep the color out of your eyes.
2) Wear something funky. You'll look funky if you don't.
3) You don't have to be a runner.
4) You WILL get covered in color.
5) Your kids can do it, too. Even in a wagon.

I can't wait to bring Hannah with me next year.

Question: Have you done a Color Run yet? What did you think? What is your favorite "fun" run?

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Mandy Nester said...

Way to go! Never done one but looks fun.

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