Monday, January 3, 2011

Link Love: The Edible Perspective

You may find this odd, but I truly enjoy packing my suitcase. It didn't cost a fortune, it's honestly not that large (which helps me pack efficiently), and it's been at my side for a number of trips to date. Oh—and it's a pinky purple which makes it evermore awesome. So we have memories, my suitcase and I, and it knows exactly what I need to survive a week away from home. Well, maybe that's not so true. But I know, and my suitcase carries it (as in, my junk) well. And on this particular trip, among the sundresses and swimsuits, my suitcase is carrying a few packets of oatmeal.

BetterOats makes the most fantastic instant oatmeal. I take them to the gym with me quite often, usually the Raw version. And if I'm feeling particularly naughty, the Dark Chocolate version. SO. GOOD. Both of them. So why am I bringing them to Mexico? Well, I don't know. Why not? I love oatmeal and who knows if they eat it down there. And sometimes I wake up and want nothing more than a bowl of oats. So I'm just keeping myself prepared for that. But really let's be honest: nothing beats a fresh bowl of stovetop oats.

Ashley at The Edible Perspective happens to be an oats guru. I read her blog quite frequently, loving every minute of her most excellent photography and most excellently delicious bowls of oats. I have to admit—I sometimes even drool over her postings. Well, not really. But you know what I mean. Take a look at her Encyclopedia of Oats. It's quite informative! She outlines all things oats, then inspires you with photos of oaty creations you can totally make at home. And if you follow her blog on a regular basis, she'll go beyond oats. The girl can cook! And she cooks healthy meals, which is why I'm recommending her to you because obviously diet is a huge part of the fit life.

All that hard work in the gym only gets you so far, you have to fuel your body. And Ashley's recipes will give you some ideas. Remember that oats in particular give you a dose of fat-burning power. A recent issue of Oxygen touted the power of whole grains (of which oats is one), saying that individuals who tried to lose weight on a plan that contained a healthy dose of whole grains actually lost more than those who chose refined grains instead. Why? Fiber, and two types of it. Whole grains fill your belly with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble = moves slowly through your digestive system which keeps you feeling full. Insoluble = well, it promotes good digestion if you know what I mean. Lucky for oats, they're half and half. So they give you a great dose of both types of fiber. Love it!

Now go, make a bowl of oats! And if you're post-workout, be sure to add some protein to your mix via protein powder, egg whites or nuts. Protein helps your muscles grow and change!

I'll let you know how my oats fared in Mexico once I return.

Question: Is there a certain snack or food item that you can't travel without?

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Ashley said...

Hey girl. Thanks so much for the shout out!! Much appreciated. :)

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