Link Love

Bendiful Blog
If you want a "no-fuss"take on healthy living, you need to follow Renee. She's a certified group fitness instructor, wife, mother and working professional...and she's one of the most honest, straightforward bloggers I know. She's got a great weight-loss story, loves running and the BOSU balance trainer, and has two really adorable little boys.

Flex & Flow
This is an active community, and one that fully supports its members AND its friends. Join Flex & Flow from wherever you are. You'll learn from some of the best yogis, you'll feel inspired and most of all, you'll feel like you're a part of something.

Fit Foodie Mama
Annmarie is awesome. She's a DVRT-certified runner with a passion for healthy eats, too. Check out her blog for food, fitness, fashion and fun. And seriously, she's just as cool in person, too.

Annie's Eats
This is probably one of the first blogs I ever started following. Her goal is "to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it." Annie is the best, really.

The Edible Perspective
Ashley whips up some tasty breakfasts on a regular basis, and her nut butters are simply divine. She can take pictures, too. Check out her blog for all things food and photography, with a little fitness sprinkled on top.

Scary Mommy
This site is written by a variety of different people, but I swear to you, every article is on point. If you're a mom, it's a must-read. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh...always I am changed by what I read. Essentially, they post what we're all thinking. Standing ovation.


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