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My goal is to inspire you with my thoughts, experience and expertise. From sweat sessions to healthy meals, fitness facts and more—I cover it all as it relates to living the fit life in the midst of my crazy, hectic life.

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ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
TRX Qualified Coach
SoulFusion Instructor

Blissfully Domestic
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• "Strength Training for Women: The Myths of Muscle"
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• "Postpartum Fitness: Exercise After Baby"
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Fine Fit Day
"Fit Mama Friday—Meet Tara"

Fit Pregnancy and Parenting
• "Three Ways to Encourage a Fit Baby"
• "5 Ways to Balance Breastfeeding and Fitness"

Kate Moving Forward
"What to Expect: Fitness After Pregnancy"

Michigan Runner Girl
"My Michigan Running Story: Tara Sabo"

New Leaf Wellness
• "How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy"
• "20-Minute Stroller Workout"
• "Total Body(Weight) Workout"

Running Rachel
"30-Minute Lower Body Workout"


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